Sunday, April 11, 2010

HAIR's a Super Duper Deal!!

While grocery shopping Saturday at my local Sobey's store, Adriana and I came across a cart full of various hair products and ................................. everything was 50 cents!!!
50 cents!!
Where do you get a bottle of shampoo or a good conditioner for 50 cents, huh?
For that matter, where do you even find a crappy bottle of shampoo or conditioner for 50 cents!
Well! You didn't have to ask us twice.
We parked our cart there for a good 5 minutes while we went all the various items. And this little ole blogger was the last of the big time spenders! I bought hair products for all my girlies spending a grand total of $7.50 plus tax. (Brownie points for the Mama!)
Look at this great stuff!
  • This is Mama, Libby and Molly's assortment. The Infusium brand is usually around $5 to $7 a bottle. (It's for "color treated hair"; and , of course, it must be for one of my girls 'cause mine is all natural, right?) The other brands and products normally sell anywhere from $2 to $5 as well.*
  • And this is Adrianna's bag of goodies. She loves me a lot now!



So, we just gonna be a houseful of cute chickies with fantastic hair for the next little while.


Let's hair it for a good sale!

Hip, Hip, Hair-ray!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't know how you manage to find all those good buys but you do a great job of it. That was really a find. Have a great Sunday

Eva Gallant said...

Great deals, you have there!

Linda said...

I love a good bargain and that was a wonderful one! I use some of those products so I know they cost and you got great deals!

Nezzy said...

What a hair-raisin' sale! Ya'll hit the mother load there. Put on your crown and wear it proud sister, you truly are the 'Thrift Queen'!!!

Have a beautiful Sunday!!!

Beth said...

That is such a FUN find. You can have a night of spa hair treatments.
LOL Nezzy!!!


What deal, Infusion is awesome...

ethelmaepotter! said...

Good grief, how do you do it?!

We're having a big city-wide yard sale this coming Saturday...would you like to come down and help me find some great bargains?