Friday, April 2, 2010

We have a Winner!

I awoke this morning to a quiet house and had a few sweet hours of alone time. As I sat with breakfast and then a second cup, and I thought of the sacrifice of Christ; I thought of how how He loves me and has poured out blessing after blessing in my life, all of them undeserved.


And I felt such deep gratitude and contentment. I love my Jesus!



Then I made some of these lovely buns.


And almost the moment Adriana got out of bed, I had her choose a winner for my Giveaway. I wrote down "Choose a number from 1 to 14". She choose #3! Oops! Can't choose #3; she said she has a black thumb and to exclude her from the draw. So, Adriana choose again, and it was lucky #9!

That's Carol at Old Glory Cottage

Congratulations Carol!
And thank you to everyone for entering!
Now, I hope you other 13 aren't too upset about not winning because I need your advice on something.
When I got home from work on Thursday, this was sitting in my hallway.It's my Christmas '09 gift from Brady. He just finished it. the seat lifts to store hats and mittens inside. I love it!
I planned originally on painting it white. But now I'm thinking it might look nice in color! I've bought myself yellow tulips for the past 2 weeks; and I love the bright yellow color against my green walls. (Not that I'd necessarily paint the bench bright yellow; perhaps a more subdued yellow.) But I definately want to make some bright yellow cushion covers and find a couple of yellow flower pots for my houseplants, especially for summer.

What do you guys think? Perhaps some of you out there have painted your furniture and have some good advice to give on type of paint, etc.
Most of the downstairs of my little house is this lovely green (the kitchen is a pale buttery yellow). The hallway doesn't have much natural light; and there's a white framed mirror on the wall over the bench.
I'd love to hear your opinion. Ciao!


Maureen said...

Awesome! Congrats to dearest Carol!

On the painting....
Since you intend on adding cushions....what I always do is choose the fabric and then take the fabric to a paint store to match it up. I have a little local yokel paint store in town that is wonderful with matching colors.

The paint type depends on the look you want. Shabby chic, I would choose flat or more likely, satin. Spiffy and modern, I would choose gloss or more likly, semi-gloss.

Happy Easter Doris.

Eva Gallant said...

I love it! I'm sure it will look great, no matter what color you go with.

Terra said...

I vote pale buttery yellow, and maybe some tiny areas of a second coordinated color. Just sayin'. :)

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I'm probably not a good person to ask, because yellow has ALWAYS been my favorite color, so I think you should DEFINITELY go with that!

I LOVE this bench, by the way!

Garden of Egan said...

I love sage green, but that may not go with your color scheme.

You may want to keep it sorta light colored so you can put outrageously colored things on top.

It is a beautiful bench!
Lucky girl.

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

What an adorable bench. I'm not the person to ask on colors, but it sounds like you really like the idea of yellow which I think would look cute.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a special Easter!

Gayla said...

How about a really pale yellow or even a cream with some little touches of embellishment either painted or rubbed on with those little kits??? I LOVE this bench, so anything you do with it will be absolutely stellar... Happy Easter!

~~Carol~~ said...

That's a great bench, and if it's going to be sitting against that white wall, be daring and paint it a color, girl! That was very easy for me to say, because I am afraid to paint a couple pieces of my own furniture! I see some green above the white, so maybe a soft yellow?
I can't wait to get those bulbs! Thank you!
Happy Easter to you and your family!

Nezzy said...

I'd go with the subdued yellow and distress it. Then ya can add the brights with the cushions and pillows.

Yes sister I'm in awe of how much our Lord and Savior loved us all. That kind of sacrifice just blows my mind!

God bless a enjoy your Easter celebration.

Millie said...

I think it would be vey nice in yellow...and as "Martha" says in her latest issue, "The Power of Paint"!