Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Twinkle! Twinkle!" you old bat! Thrifty shopping's where it at!

Do you remember last month when Adriana and I took a daytrip to Liverpool?
Yeah, you must! 'Cause what else do you do all day except sit around waiting for a post from this 55 yr old doughboy-shaped, arthritic-jointed, TV/chocolate/wine-addicted working mother with no sex life and a bad thrifting monkey on her back, right?
Anway, on March 6th we went to Liverpool and, of course, we checked out Frenchies. Besides the lovely red satin blouse & scarf I bought, I found some old silverware . They were 4 pieces for $1 -- a super duper price!
I wanted to clean them before I posted about it, and I wasn't sure what the best cleaning product to use would be. I tried the baking soda & salt with foil wrap trick; and it didn't do much to clean them. And then, I tried a generic brand cleaner which was also a disappointment. But then, I tried this stuff:


And it did a pretty nice job. Here's the loot.

I got 4 each knives, dinner forks and dessert forks in the same pattern and 2 spoons in a slightly different pattern. That was all they had. Apparently some other woman was in the day before and stole I mean bought the 4 matching spoons that I wanted. *

But the best part of the silverware? Have a look at these close-ups.....The knives and forks!
The teaspoons!

Isn't that so cool! The letter "D"!!! "D" -- for my favorite moniker, Doris the Great!
Now everyone who eats at my house --- or at least 4 people --- will really know how really great I really am! (Do I sound like Sally Fields there?) I mean, after all: it's not just anyone who has monogrammed silverware! Like maybe The Donald; or Tom & Katie perhaps. But do the everyday common folk have monogrammed silverware? I very highly doubt it.
The next time I entertain 4 deserving guests, this is what the place setting will look like!Actually, I only have 2 place settings like this. The other 2 will have to wait until the first 2 are finished with the teaspoon before they can use it. So, perhaps I'll put lesser diners in those spots at the table; like my kids when they won't do as I tell them! Or my sister who stole my sparkly dress back in Grade 6 and got a stain on it! Yeah! People like that!)
I also found this spoon with an "L" on it for my Libby girl!
I'll store them all in the box with my Grandma's silverware which haven't been cleaned yet.*
But I'm going to try to find some alternative to storing them there. Did you know that storing your silverware in fabric leads to quicker oxidation and tarnish?
You learn something new every day! ............
Hopefully! .............
And if you can believe a word I say today!
I'm feeling some residual bitterness flaring up again about that sparkly dress!
Pray for me bloggies!


Frippery said...

You are too funny! Now I think some monogrammed napkins are in order. Maybe with "the Great" embroidered tone on tone in linen. I am going to see if I can find some of that polish! Even though I don't have engraved flatware it could still sparkle.

Eva Gallant said...

How beautiful they are!!!

Linda said...

Funny girl! Love the silverware and isn't it fun to find something lovel with your initial on it!!!

Splurgie said...

You really brought that lovely silver to life! It makes me want to get out my wedding silver and make it Twinkle too!

Anita said...

Your post brought a smile to my face! Thanks for a much needed laugh!

Beth said...

How beautiful and I LOVE mongramed shows you go the extra mile to mark your possessions - HA

DUTA said...

I think syntethic transparent vinegar (diluted in some water) does a good job in cleaning & polishing silverware. It's cheap and it should have its place in any household.

reasonably chubby said...

Doris the Great, what a find! :) I definitely like the idea of having the lesser diners use the less than placesetting...Isn't it amazing how monogrammed silverware can thrill?!Oh, and thanks for being funny! Your blog always makes me smile. :)

Marysol said...

Wow! They're downright sparkly!

I tried the old baking soda trick, once...after an entire afternoon of scrubbing, everything came out clean. Who knew.

I'll be looking for Twinkle, next time.

Nezzy said...

Beautiful silver. Did ya know if you put some plain old stick chalk in your storage box it will not tarnish near as fast. I've gone years just tradin' out the chalk. Just sayin......

Have a beautiful day sweetie!!!