Monday, April 19, 2010

Food for Thought

I'm initiating "Food for Thought Tuesday"!
When I first became a single parent, being encouraged was so important in keeping me sane and happy and motivated. I held onto my God and drank in as much positive as I could. Not that the girls' Dad was absent; he was very present and a wonderful father! But running a household alone, working 9 to 5 and carrying most of the day-to-day responsibility for 3 little girls was (and is) daunting! Many survive; but do they thrive?
My eldest, Amy, was a young teen when this happened; and in those first, very difficult years, she watched me pray and cry and dance and worship through it all. And she was a very observant and astute little girl. (She still is!!)
Senior Prom
Young & fresh & naive ... & blond!
One of my favorite Christmas presents ever was this gift from her in 2001 when she was just 17:
It's a homemade journal. I realize that she must have seen me praying on my knees (& on my face) a lot! (We had a lot of needs!) And even though she had money to buy gifts, she cut and pasted this gift for me on a hard-covered blank book my brother had given her.

This is her art work on the inside cover.

And this is page 1; and this is the mantra for my life -
Collossians 1:18
So, I began filling the pages with positive things -- dreams & visions, words from God, lovely quotes, encouraging thoughts, things that make me laugh, etc. And the pages aren't full yet; I continue to add to it.
We are a wonderful community of friends. I'd like to share this book with you.
Finish each day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely and with spirit.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -





ethelmaepotter! said...

How touching! I am quite impressed with the artwork, and I love the "Free as a bird" quote. And the fact that it's not yet full.
Thanks for sharing this with us. And a special thanks to Amy.

Garden of Egan said...

That is so beautiful! What an incredible young woman!

Cherie said...

What a great book and a super special gift from your daughter.
I think it IS important to keep positive thoughts close to you. This is perfect!

Kelly L said...

What a great gift.. beautiful

Love to you

Marie said...

What a beautifully thoughtful gift from your daughter. I have a lot of old prayer journals that I look at from time to time. It is interesting to see how I have progressed through the years! xxoo

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

Wow, that's beautiful. Great post!
Country Blessings,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As my husband died of a sudden heart attack I faced much the same things as you did in a different way. I still had 5 of my 7 children at home and would have been overwhelmed if it hadn't been for my faith. Your daughter certainly was wise for her years in making that beautiful journal for you.

Doris Plaster said...

What a beautiful post. I feel the emotion. Thanks for sharing.

reasonably chubby said...

I love it! :) What a wonderful gift and your joyful spirit is so refreshing! And inspiring. God is so good, isn't He?

Nezzy said...

What a precious treasure from your beautiful daughter. I enlarged the artwork so I could read every last drop. She is very talented, but of course nobody has to tell ya that! Thanks so much for sharin' it with us.

You have yourself one terrific Tuesday!!!

Eva Gallant said...

what a lovely daughter you have; you did something right, Mom!

wendy said...

what a wonderful gift from your daughter. I understand single parenting. After #1 and I divorced I had 3 kids at home too (the other 2 were off to school) was difficult many times. Thankfully I had only 2 years before #2 and I were married.

One of my favorite quotes, and I have it on my fridge always is from the Play OUR TOWN by Thorton Wilder:
"do any of us ever realize life, as we live it, every every minute"

Carla said...

Thrive is the key isn't it? Love this post!! Thanks for sharing.