Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Extreme Motivation for Cleaning your Basement!

I came home Tuesday and discovered that I had no hot water. So, I called my trusty handyman, Brady, thinking that perhaps a fuse had blown. While he was on his way up to my house, I prepared for him.
I had to move these items --- the cupboard (containing my supply of emergency vino![ MUST BE SAVED AT ALL COST]!) which was next to the laundry tub which was next to the de-humidifier (which had been leaking lately) which was in front of the tall shelf full of many, many paint cans which was in front of the hot water tank ...... arggggg ....... so Brady could get at the beastie. Of course, all sort and manner of other basement goods had to be moved to make a spot to put all the displaced items! (Daily workout accomplished - I thought!)
That was when I discovered that the de-humidifier was NOT leaking. The beastie was!!!
(Cue doorbell) Brady arrives; removes little cover over electrical part of beastie; lovely brown water gushes out and rains down the side. "Yes!" said Brady. "You need a new water tank".
We disconnected the old hot water tank and used the super-duper dolly to wheel it around the corner, through the downstairs (maneuvering around the recent acquisition of Daughter #2's collection of stuff from the break-up), up the stairs, over the threshold, down the stairs and into the side yard where it sat and drained lovely black water next to one of my flower beds. I'm hoping there's nutritional value in that black gunk!
In between helping Brady with the installation of the new beastie, I wheeled the old beastie by myself (cue impressive "Oohs" and clapping) down the driveway, up and over the curb and into the not-yet filled out bushes at the end of the bottom driveway. Clean-up week is sometime next month: and in the meantime, I artistically camouflaged it with December's Xmas tree. (Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle! That was the sound of even more needles falling off as I lifted it into place!)
Three hours later and $400 lighter (Bwaaaaaa!!), I had a beautiful new hot water tank, a new appreciation of my friend Brady, extra muscle ("ME AM WOMAN!!") and a total and overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. And all just in time to watch Lost!
I love having hot water. Isn't she lovely?
Both the above tanks are hot and beautiful!

Now --- Where do I begin with the rest of the basement!
I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend!


~~Carol~~ said...

What are you doing to that poor hot water tank??!! Actually your basement sounds like ours. It's a big production to get near any of the major stuff that might need fixing. And those things disappear in a wink once you get them to the curb. Metal scavengers just love them!

Splurgie said...

Good luck with the new Beastie ... enjoy your next hot shower. You deserve it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so fortunate to have that handyman. I know those things are quite expensive and I'm dreading the day mine will do the same. They just don't last forever. We do have to have our hot water though.

Nezzy said...

A nice hot bath makes it all worth it! This is why we had to tear up floors in half the house. We purchased an on demand water heater that hangs on the side of our house. Problem solved!!! Hope you two hotties have a long and happy life!

Have the best day sweetie!!!

Eva Gallant said...

I worry that the day is coming when I must replace mine as well!

Gail said...

I think you have done enough for this week, save the rest for another time. Have a nice long hot shower.

Linda said...

Basements are for storing things! I have to move stuff to find stuff!

Maureen said...

Ugggg...bummer! But your great attitude got you through it! Carry on princess.

Judy said...

We replaced our furnace last summer; it was a huge coal converted to oil thingy and moving everything out of the way to cut it up and take it what a mess...never did get things put back...