Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Laidback Weekend

It's been a drizzly, drippy weekend in southern NS: not so good for raking outdoors and continuing to build the brush fence ..... but perfect for cleaning! Uh! Excuse me!
That is not me in my cleaning attire!
(Darned computers sometimes!!)

Yes ......This looks much more like I did on Saturday.
No first prize win for attire or physique: but perhaps a Miss Congeniality prize for attitude.
I do like to clean and tidy and put my house in order. (Also a necessity when you're as forgetful as I am!!) I sang and danced my way through the vacuuming and floor scrubbing; I shook my hiney while I swirled the toilet brush. It was good to finally get at the various jobs that have been waylaid by long walks with ice cream and broken hot water tanks. But I'm afraid my comfy jeans and t-shirt still was too dressy for the BIG JOB! Remember? I had to change into specialized gear to clean ..........
Not really me! It wasn't quite that bad!
What a yucky job that is though, huh? Basements, garages, attics! They are "DIRTY DENS FULL OF DISASTEROUS DELUGES OF DETRITUS". They are poopy-kaka!!
The only singing that took place during that task was me "singing the blues"! And the only good thing that I can say about it is that it's done! I know where things are again! And bonus! I found the huge bag of tulip bulbs that didn't get planted last fall, some calla lilly bulbs, and my missing bush clippers!
After a lovely, long shower, I had a solitary, blissful, healthy meal in my CLEAN HOUSE. (I love that feeling! I could just sit for hours smiling contentedly in my lovely, clean living room feeling completely satisfied with life --- except it only last for the few seconds until a child arrives home!)
I was blessed that afternoon and evening though; I was alone until late evening. So, I parked my clean self in the corner chair with a wine spritzer and the mending and watched a whole lot of junk on the television. It was quite nice!*
Sunday afternoon was spent in much the same way. As the rain gently fell outside, I finished the mending, sat with my beloved New York Times crossword and then cooked a delicious dinner complete with this not so health conscious dessert
Chocolate snacking cake with choco chip icing and clotted cream on the side*
Funny how one piece of cake can make you feel like "Mss Lardo" !! So, it's a good thing tomorrow is Monday and I get to partake in an hour of cardio over lunch and an hour of Zumba in the evening.
It was awfully tasty though!!


Suburban Princess said...

Mmmmmm cake! I had the mile high cake at Casey's the other night (I shared!) and I swear I am still bloated from it!

Beth said...

That cakes looks yummy. Well worth the Zumba!! Isn't that the point of excersize anyway? So we can induldge

Eva Gallant said...

Do you think you could dance your way west and clean my house? Since you were having so much fun, I mean. And I don't have a basement, nor a garage! lol

Cherie said...

Oh my goodness SO funny..."Poopy-Kaka". Ha Ha
Yes, some of those cleaning jobs are just that!
We finally had nice weather. The first nice weather we've had in awhile - almost 80 but it was just a tease, we are supposed to be rained on all this week....Blahh!!

All your plants in the last post look awesome - I cannot wait to get outside and do some of that!!

BTW your cake looks yummy!

reasonably chubby said...

I love a clean house too...Get over here! :) Great job on cleaning your basement, that took bravery and courage to face the poopy-kaka! Hope you have a wonderful Monday-

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

They do say that rainy days were made so gardeners could get the housework done. The cake makes it all worth while for sure! Have a great Monday!

Liane said...

Sounds as though you had the most perfect evening! There's nothing like the self-satisfaction of a job well done and a days' hard work - richly rewarded!!


I too love it when the house is tidy and just so... No kid zone for at least 10 min.
Wish it would that way!
Bring on the cakes and cocktails... Everything is fine after the first glass of wine.


woops..* Stay

Maureen said...

Oh I know how you feel! I did some heavy duty cleaning last week and it felt awesome. And then the kids came home. lol

Garden of Egan said...

Your weekend sounds absolutely divine! I love cleaning out spaces that are icky kaka!
The cake part looks the best.

Nezzy said...

Oh honey, will ya please pass me the cake??? Not to worry, all that cleanin' and booty shakin' will take care of the calories.

You have yourself a beautifully blessed week my friend!

See Mom Smile said...

I love the way you finish the day!!! May I have a taste of that cake please?