Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - 7 May 2010

It's Friday -- time to link up with Tootsie at
I bought myself a hanging basket today as part of my Mother's Day gift -- miniature Petunias. It really feels like the season has begun in Nova Scotia when you feel confident enough to hang something or put something new in the garden!*
We've had such great weather for the past week. Nice temperatures in the low to mid teens (celsius) along with a scattered rain shower. So, things are really taking off when it comes to growth. In the front bed, I can even see where I'll have to do some dividing of plants. And in the side beds, almost everything (that I remember!!!) that I put in last year has shown it's little green head.
Here's the bed by the shed: left to right - geranium, Euphorbia, Campanulla (trying to keep it contained somewhat) and white violet, with a tiny lemon balm and lamium in the front.I'm loving the bright bold colors of the Euphorbia and the pretty shape of the leaves on the white violet.

I'm not sure what this little guy on the left is; I want to say Anemone?? It's ready to bloom any day now. And here's one of my last red tulips.

It's the 3rd year for this Primula; I planted it in bloom, and although it grew last year, it didn't bloom. So, I'm pleased to see it again this spring. These tulips were a gift from my boss on Secretary's Day last May. What gorgeous color, huh!

Doesn't everyone love Hosta? They're so darned easy to grow -- anywhere! And they grow so quickly that they're easy to get from friends or cheap to buy from garden/yard sales. I have a mess of 'em everywhere in various stages of growth. This is one of my biggest so far. And here is one of the tulips in my "Larry" garden. I love the orangie-red highlights on it's face.

Today I also picked up a couple of sad little orphan perennials marked down 50%. I can't resist a good bargain like that, and I can't resist the challenge of saving them.
Really! What gardener can leave a sad little plant unloved and untended.


Garden of Egan said...

Hey Green Thumb! You have some beautiful plants.
I woke up to a blizzard this morning....seriously wind and snow. Yuk!

I might move to room?

Paula said...

Your plants are really growing nicely - I love your hanging basket! Thanks for sharing your pictures, Paula in Idaho

Debbie said...

Spring is such a wonderful time, as I am reading blogs on Fertilizer Friday the weather goes from 90 degrees to snow and frost. Your garden looks great!

Marie said...

wow, what a beautiful hanging basket. So far ours is just green leaves, but I hope it is filled with red petunias soon!

Anita said...

Could you share a little of your green thumb with me? I am afraid plants only come to my house to What a lovely garden you've got. I am especially crushing on the hosta...those are one of my favorite plants.

Vonlipi said...

You are bold and fearless! I'm not buying hanging baskets just yet...the weather network is predicting rain and snow for the montreal area on Sunday!

Suburban Princess said...

Your garden is looking great!

Have a good mothers day!

Karen said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog this morning. Just make it trip down to deep south Texas and I'm sure we can provide a meal of fried rattlesnake pretty easily! Tastes like chicken!
Have a great day.
Ladybug Creek

Nezzy said...

Heads up to you and your beautiful bloomers! Your pics are just fantastic. Now get's May...I'm in southern Missouri and we have a cold front movin' in that will drop our beautiful 70-80 degree weather down into the thirties and rain...lots of rain baby. Your yard already looks like summertime. I just don't get it? Your in Canada for goodness sake. Heeehehe!

You have yourself a fabulous day and may God bless it!!!

Eva Gallant said...

Brown thumb and lazy here.

reasonably chubby said...

I'm all about the hostas. It is the one plant I haven't managed to murder...yet. Tough, yet alive that's what I like about them. I can't wait to see your garden in full bloom. I love living vicariously through other people. Have a happy weekend!

Becca's Dirt said...

You are definately right about the not so healty plants - we have to make them all better. Love how things are filling out nicely there. Pretty hanging basket. Happy Mothers Day and have a super weekend.

leavesnbloom said...

I love the euphobia polychroma - its so bright and cheerful in the spring garden. I love bargains too!

Maureen said...

Looking good for so early in the season. Your unidentified looked like some type of poppy until I enlarged - nope, not a poppy and I don't know what it is but it looks great!

Jeannie B. said...

It looks like your spring is beginning. This week Louisiana declared SUMMER as far as the heat goes! Up to 90 degrees. Love the Air Conditioning!

Erin said...

Yep...they're beautiful. We had freeze two nights last week, so I'm looking forward that we're finally done. (We always get a surprise right before Mother's Day...I'm hoping these were it!) Love the hanging basket...oh, and like you, I can't resist the clearance perennials...saving them feels like such a triumph, doesn't it?

North of 25A said...

Hello from Long Island, New York! Would love to hear that Dr. Scholl's story from the 70s - LOL! Nice to "meet" you!

wendy said...

Your garden is going to be gorgeous. You have quite a knack for it it seems. I haven't even begun --but neither has the warm weather. (boo hoo)
I love the hanging basket. My daughter gave me one for mothers day last year. IT MAKES ME SMILE to see pretty flowers and color.

Alea said...

This is my first time visiting and I love your blog title! Your flowers are beautiful. I am glad you included your hjanging basket; it was a good reminder for me to include mine at some point.

Mica said...

what beauty you are surrounded the petunias! Thanks for popping over as well.Happy Mothers Day to you!!! Mica/The Child's Paper

Tootsie said...

good for you! I love the mini petunias...are they calibrachoa? I love those too. I saw some new colored petunias yesterday and the wheels are turning for me already! Things are looking good for you!
I am so glad you have joined in on FF this week...thank you. I hope you will share with my meme again soon!
Spring is finally showing herself here and I get to start hardening off my flowers this soon I will have something growing outside too!