Friday, May 21, 2010

A Mexican Girl gets Her Way... FINALLY

My little Mexican girl loves her seafood.
"Is it fish tonight?"
"When will we have salmon again?"
"I l-o-v-e shrimp!"
So, as I was driving home from work today just after noon, I stopped and I picked them up. I'm seeing fishermen on every corner lately selling them -- $5 a pound. She was so happy!
They were sooo delicious!
Adrianna has eaten lobster many times before. But she'd never seen them alive ("The plastic bag is moving!!") -- never seen them cooked ("Do they feel pain in the boiling water?") -- and never seen them taken apart ("You are so vicious with those things!") -- hammer & nut cracker & sissors & turkey skewers ... to get out the little bits.
She says her Dad will be impressed that his little girl has been awarded honors in in her brutal instruction!
Daughter #3 was more impressed with the potato salad. More lobster for me, I say!


Barbara said...

$5 a pound? I am coming to visit YOU! I love lobster, and I'm afraid at that price, I'd eat myself sick!

Marie said...

I am allergic to shellfish but I know how much people love them, so I know how chuffed you were to have this feast and to introduce it to your Mexican girl! That salad dressing looks like something I want to try when I am home in July! xxoo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would be a real treat for sure. How nice to have fresh seafood. Something we don't have here. It's shipped in at a much greater price too.

aliceinparis said...

I have never been a big fan of lobster. Have no idea why, I can take it or leave it, same with scallops. Very disappointing when you I think about how accessible it is to us.
HAve a great weekend!

Terra said...

I want to visit you and share a feast like this. That is a fabulous price. I lived in the Caribbean for a while and once a huge lobster chased us around the kitchen!

Maureen said...


Eva Gallant said...

Oh my! I love, love lobster!