Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tons of Lemon Coffee Cake

It's been another very busy week, so I've not been blogging. But here's something to blog about: cake!
My book club met at my house last night; and I received compliment after compliment over this "Tons of Lemon Coffee Cake". It was wonderfully moist and yes, had tons of lemon flavor.
I hope you can read this recipe. If not, you can get it right here at It calls for a lot of lemons; and lemons are a little pricey right now. (At least, in my neck of the woods they are!) But it's well worth trying out.
Instead of baking it in the 9 x 13 pan they ask for, I wanted to try my new Paderno cake pan that Santa brought me. So, I sprinkled streusel in the bottom "peaks" (& the streusel just stuck there and had to be scooped out and placed on top of the cake); I also sprinkled it in the centre and bottom of the cake. The pan was a perfect size for the amount of batter, and it did look really pretty. .
More importantly, it tasted terriffic! This one is on my list of favorites.


knitwit said...

Yum! The last time my husband came home from Afghanistan, I made the last few hours of waiting more bearable by baking an orange cake. This time I'm craving lemon cake, so there must be something to it! I'll definitely give this one a try. It looks delicious!

Antique ART Garden said...

So industrious to make all your fiends a lovely cake ! I have got to start cooking more , this inspired me ! I love the cake stand you used, looks vintage. thanks so much, Gina

Suburban Princess said...

Mmmm looks yummy!!!!!

one gal's trash said...

So wish I had been at your "Tons of Lemon Coffee Cake" party! Will try making one myself asap. Thanks for stopping by!

reasonably chubby said...

Looks good! I love lemon anything, so I'll have to give it a try. How's the book you're reading with your book club? I'm looking for a new one....Just finished 'The Space Between Us'. It was great!

Splurgie said...

My, my that cakes looks good. Lemon is so refreshing! Lucky Book Club!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks mouth watering. I can just taste the lemon flavor now. I got some lemons for lemonade this weekend as it's hot here and I thought it would be refreshing.