Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grocery Store Wisdom

I was at the grocery store today, and behind me in a shopping cart were two young children: a little girl about 5 years old and her brother about 2 1/2 years. As I was leaving the checkout, I smiled at her. And I heard her say to her little brother:
"That lady is pretty. Do you think she's pretty? I think she's pretty."
Ahhhh! Isn't that adorable! It made my day!
Out of the mouths of babes! Such innocence! (I could have been an axe murderer!) Such wisdom! (She didn't even notice the dark circles under my eyes or the number of wrinkles!)
And then I could help but think to myself:
  1. Wasn't she young to be needing glasses already?
  2. What did she want from me? Was she fishing for that Twix bar on the shelf just out of her reach? Did she see the extra loonie in my coin purse when I paid for my eggs?
  3. Why couldn't she have said that louder and with more conviction! There was a good-looking elderly gentleman in the next checkout aisle who I'm sure couldn't hear that far and whose eyesight may not have picked up on my beauty.
  4. Why the heck couldn't it have been her older, single, rich Uncle Sven pushing that cart instead of that young, tanned, slim woman that I assume is her mom?


Still, I won't allow those unanswered questions to take away from the general feeling of well-being that surrounds me right now.


Other's may go to dances or bars or even check out E-harmony.

Me? I think I'll hang out in more grocery stores!


Antique ART Garden said...

Kids always speak the truth , ALWAYS !!! You are pretty, so there. Great story, Gina

Linda said...

You are beautiful and your smiles lights up a whole grocery store!!! So there!!!

Vonlipi said...

It's beacause of that luminouys smile of yours! It erases ALL flaws! Don't leave home without it...and use as often as you can! :)

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Delightful post!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thank you guys! You are so good for a girl's self confidence!

Barb said...

Take the compliment and feel good about it for as long as you can - that's my motto. The young and innocent can see true beauty!

Gail said...

They were too young to lie, so enjoy the compliment.

Your face lights up when you smile.

wendy said...

Kids only say wha they know to be TRUE. so there you have it --you are pretty.
Some day Uncle Sven will come along just at the right time, and see it too

Terra said...

Oh that child is a gift from God, with her excellent perception of pretty and her comment.
You are so way funny, I enjoyed stopping by. Of course, I am a follower. said...

A smile always makes you prettier! even the kids know it!

From the Kitchen said...

I think it was your sparkling smile that showed little one your beauty! And that lemon cake looks delicious. Love the shape. And I love the cake stand--I'm a collector of some reknown according to my husband.

Hey, did you go with me to "Mitford"? I can't remember any comments and it was a very memorable time!! I know you like Jan Karon.


Marie said...

I think you're gorgeous darling!! I would love to meet you when I am in NS this summer. We'll have to make plans! xxoo
(I'll be staying at my mom's in Middleton and I won't have a car.)

From the Kitchen said...

Oh dear! Hope you are feeling better and enjoying spring. Spring has arrived up there?? It's been slow in getting here but we went from heat to ac overnight.



You are pretty, your eyes sparkle and you have a beautiful smile!
I'm with the kids on this one. Smile your loved!

Katy ~ said...

You have a beautiful heart and the light shines in your eyes and on your face.