Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friends, Sunshine & Good Food

What a perfect way to spend Saturday! I began yard saling at 8 am, visited 3 before hitting the Farmer's Market for lovely French pastries, picked up Adriana, and headed out to the Mahone Bay area to meet my friend Winnifred and hit 2 more yard sales. I've got lots of great finds to show you this week.
(I didn't make any silly promises about no more plants, did I?)
Then the 3 of us went for lunch at The Biscuit Eater Cafe. The weather was perfect for sitting on the deck.
I had the cranberry chicken salad on croissant with pink grapefruit iced tea.

Winnifred and Adriana had the Tai spicy veggie wrap with humus.

I was the only one for dessert! But I wouldn't/couldn't leave with some of their dark and decadant chocolate layer cake.

We spent probably 3 hr there relaxing and talking. It was so wonderful.


The Biscuit Eater is featured as one of THE places to eat on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. And with good reason! Absolutely yummy!



Your blog is absolutely delightful, pictures and all. Loved reading about the Biscuit Eater and the food scrumptious looking. Thanks for sharing.

Wickedly entertaining.

Blessings! Barb
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Suburban Princess said...

OMG that croissant and cake look soooooo good! YUM!
Sounds like you had a fun day!

Eva Gallant said...

That cranberry chicken salad croissant lookes wonderful, as does the chocolate cake! Yum!

Linda said...

Good friends, Good food! what could be better....well except if I was there to share some of that yummy cake with you!!!

Maureen said...

Good food, good company AND yardsaling!! Hello! What more could you ask for?

P.S. That colour looks great on you.

Garden of Egan said...

Your post is about the only post I consumed calories reading today! Thanks, I can't get the jeans buttoned up as it is.

Darling! You are all so stinkin' cute!

janis said...

Sounds like a spledid day! I would love some of that desert. Love your blog!

Marie said...

Oh mmm . . . lunch sounds scrummy all of it! (But especially the cake!)

Liane said...

Oh my goodness that all looks so yummy! So glad that you had a wonderful day - can't wait to see what deals you found! Have a blessed day.....