Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Gardener's Dream!!!

Look at the truck of my car! There are pots of plants from front to back; and bags of plants placed carefully on top of others. AND there's even a few plants in the back seat of the car. It is a gardener's high!
Today was the day I went to Mum Brown's house to dig up her garden. Digging up THAT garden? I don't think so! I put a small dent in it and probably brought home a quarter of what is there. But what fun I had!
Here they are lined up back home.
This was just half of one patch of day lillies; they hadn't been divided in years. Then there's some creeping phlox - pink, purple and lavender..
And was that a Primrose we see there? some of you are asking. The very plant you said yesterday that you wanted more of?
Yup! I have about 10 of them! (And there are still more left at Mum's!) There are also a few tulip and grape hyacinth bulbs in there..
There's also about one third of a huge Hosta, some of what I believe is Beauty Bush, a patch of Chives, and a couple of unknowns..
Here's one of the unknowns. Anybody have any ideas?
And here's the flower bud of the other unknown.
There's still so much that I didn't get! And although Mum said there was an Azalea bush there for me to take, I didn't see it.
Oh well! Not to worry: I'll get those when I go to visit in August.
Free plants, people! Free!
What a great day!
PS -- When I stopped for gas, what should be right next to the gas station but a yard sale with a long line of tables --- full of plants! It was a serendipitous moment. So, I bought a chartreuse color Hosta, a Columbine, an Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart, 2 Lamiums and a Butterfly bush. Total cost = $7..
So you all know how I'm spending my Sunday afternoon!!


Linda said...

So many wonderful plants!!! I am so happy you got such great things. I planted some butterfly bushes and other things in my front yard planting bed and I'm hoping they will grow. We do have such red clay soil here. I added other good soil so we shall see. Makes me want to get more plants tomorrow!

Maureen said...

Wow! You have your work cut out for you. It so nice to get established plants - so much better than newbies at the nursery.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are going to be one busy lady. Who could pass up all those plants though. Have fun!

Garden of Egan said...

I'm so jealous!!! We had a blizzard today....seriously! It lasted 20 minutes but sill!!

You are going to have so much fun!

Gail said...

Too bad you weren't here. I would have added Blackberry Rose to your collection.

The bloom looks like a hosta bloom, I may be wrong.

The other looks like some sort of Iris but I could not enlarge the picture.

You made a haul!

Katy ~ said...

I don't know of a finer gift, for every year the flowers return more glorious than the past year, like love.

I dug up some flowers from my sainted grandmother's tiny patch, wild irises and daylillies. I am so very very happy to see them, bright and beautiful, a gorgeous reminder of her now that she is not here anymore.

Karena said...

You made out girl!! Great choices and amazing for your garden to grow!

Art by Karena

Brambleberry Cottage said...

It takes sooo much work to create beauty, but it is sooo worth it!

I love gardening and only wish I had more time for it.

Come by for a visit and see all my cottage flowers.

Happy Sunday!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Barb said...

Was there a rainbow over you? It looks like you hit the jackpot!

From the Kitchen said...

What a nice variety of plants you got. I don't know what the mystery plants are. The leaves on the first one look familiar but I just can't place them. The second "budding" is very interesting. I hope you'll post a photo when it blooms out.

Happy dirty digging!


Connie said...

All those free wonderful! Your place is going to be so amazing when everything grows on a bit.