Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Dressing" Thrifty Mar 1.12

Rabbit, Rabbit Everyone!  Isn't the beginning of March exciting!  It is for me, because it means spring is on it's way.  And although we have snow on the ground and the temperatures are at minus 3 today, I saw those daffodil and tulip shoots just last weekend!  And I know that they're just waiting for the sun to show even the smallest bit of interest in shining!  I can't wait!

It's also Thrifty Thursday so I'll share some of my recent purchases.  Did you notice the full length dress I wore at the "Winter Garden Party"?  I found that last Friday at The Daisy.  At $8, it was expensive for a thrifted dress; but it was also brand new, tags-still-on and is so comfy.  

And just because, Lord knows, I don't have enough jewellery, I bought these 2 bracelets for $3 each.  

Isn't this next one a beauty?  It's a gorgeous crepe material, red with white polka dots, shirred at the waist, bought for $5.50 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Mind you, I couldn't quite zip it up; I need to lose my W.W. allotted 15-20 lb to fit into this one.  But I fell in love; so it hangs on my closet door to motivate me to be patient and not give up.  
My "Inspiration" dress!

I introduced Natsumi to Frenchies a couple of weeks ago, and she loved it.  No wonder!  She found 4 gorgeous dresses (one is being mended) and 2 shrug-type cardigans for under $30.  She was so pleased.  And I'm so pleased to have found another Frenchies convert!  Hallulajah!  God is good!

Happy March 1st to you all.  
And when you shop, may all your purchases be cheap and/or thrifty!


Janet said...

You looked fabulous in that dress, Sandy! And looks like there's some great buys in the mix for Thrifty Thursday!

Spring has sprung - 9 robins in my front yard yesterday, frolicking in the snow (and eating the berries I had in my I just have a twig :(

Pamela Gordon said...

Ahhh, you are the queen of thift! Sweet dresses found and inspiration for you. Have a great day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As always you are an inspiration to be thrifty! Looking good and fashionable doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money for sure. Hope your Thursday is a wonderful one! Happy March!!!

Nezzy said...

I bow to you once again girl! I adore that little polka~dot's my color ya know? Heeehehehe!!!

I can't believe how Natsumi filled her closet with springtime fashions for under $30.oo. She's learnin' from the master!

God bless ya and have a terrific Thursday sweetie!!! :o)


AMAZING finds. What TERRIFIC prices. You did good. ENJOY each and every garment. That inspiration dress is BEAUTIFUL. You can DO it. You'll get there. Take care.

Unknown said...

Wish I could shot the Daisy. You girls picked up some fine couture! Have fun.