Wednesday, March 17, 2010


On this day of the "wearin of the green", jigs and reels, soda bread, shamrocks and green beer, I have 3 things to present to you:

  • The only St Patrick's Day ornament in my house:
  • This green algae filled, shamrock-shaped rock pool (found last Monday at the beach):*


  • And this beautiful, beloved birthday girl:*
    And no! Although she is in fetal position, she wasn't this large when she was born! (Ew boy! Talk about "girl power"! And ouchie!!!)
Here she is as a newborn bambino: (and is that the "Nanu, nanu" greeting that Mork used to use?)
I love you darling 23 yr old!
I hope you're dancing up a storm and having fun!
('Cause you're probably drinking that vile green stuff!)


Eva Gallant said...

She's her mother's daughter..she's got a little bit of the devil in her eyes! lol

Garden of Egan said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!
Ya, she does look a bit spirited doesn't she...............hmmmm wonder where she gets that one!

Anna said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!!In Italian: Buon compleanno!!I wish her all the best!

Nezzy said...

Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful girl. She certainly carries the gleam of her mamas eyes in her spirit doesn't she?

OOoooo that wee little teapot...I just love little things.

Have a wonderful day!

Barb said...

An Irish Birthday? What could be luckier? Happy day to your daughter (what a cute baby she was and a lovely woman!)

Judy@cutest-little-things said...

Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl! And Happy St. Patrick's Day!