Sunday, March 21, 2010

That's what Mom's are for..............

When your kids are little, you always know what your role in their life is. Then they get to be teenagers, and your role begins to change --- from one of manager to one of consultant. Then they move away and get a job and begin to fend for themselves. And you don't see them or hear from them very often; and you wonder how you fit into their world now.
My soon-to-be 20 yr old daughter called me the other night and said that she'd broken up with her boyfriend of over 2 years. (And in my attempt to be less opinionated and outspoken, I did not cheer ----- externally!)
Can she come home to live for a few months, she asked? While she works her 2 weeks notice, she can stay with a girlfriend in the city. But she wants to try being a single person and maybe find work down here. She needs to regroup and rethink her life and breathe a little easier.

(Molly overlooking the lake at her Dad's 2006)

"Of course you can", I said!
That's what Mom's are for, right!


Isn't that how God treats us: no matter how many mistakes we've made or if we've been good or bad or spent any time with Him; His arms are always open to receive us when we need Him.
So, I drove to Halifax to help her move out and into her new temporary home. She kept just what she'll need for 2 weeks; and the rest came home to with me.

What the heck!!! I had just gotten the spare room and the
basement organized!! And now look at it again!!
(This is just a little of what's here!)

And I was reminded once again of a lesson from the most perfect parent .....
"I take you with ALL your baggage", said God. "And I love you and support you anyway."
Yup! That what Mom's are for?


Delena said...

I can remember when my children left the nest, they all came back at least once and I opened them with open arms. You are right, we do not hesitate when it comes to our kids. Unconditional love!

Linda said...

I am almost 60 and my Mom almost 80 and I know I can always go home...that's what Mom's are for. GREAT post! God's love is unconditional and we should always remember that.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is what we moms do for unconditionally. Between the college years and the permanent job years where they really moved away and got married and all, I had a lot of ins and outs here...but they were always welcome.
You are a good mom!

Terra said...

The photograph of the woman and the sunset or sunrise is spectacular and very brooding.
Yes, we moms are created to be support systems for our children and they appreciate it very much.
Jesus loves us, and we pass the love on.

Barb said...

Looks as though you'll have company for awhile! It's great that she was able to ask this favor of you - and that you could respond in a positive way. Good Luck to both of you!

Cherie said...

You worded that perfectly at the beginning. After loving and caring and worrying for years when they grow up where does mom fit?
This is definately what mom's are for - to be there!! Great post!

Maureen said...

You daughter must be congratulated for having the fortitude of character to walk away from something that is not right.

And now you get to hangout!

Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful thoughts. Yes, that's what moms are for.
I anxiously wait for that phone call from my daughter.....
won't come soon enough.

Eva Gallant said...

My boys lived with roommates, with girlfriends; each came home for a short time before they moved out permanently. I loved their being home, but I was also very glad when they were truly independent! Now they are both married with children and own larger nicer homes than I ever had! I proud of them.

Marie said...

Throughout my life my mom has been a safety net for me. I am so blessed as is your daughter. A mother's love is sometimes just what we need the most when things are going poorly for us. Your daughter is lucky that she has you to come home to. Enjoy this extra blessing for what it is! You are so lucky to live close enough that your girls can come home to you when they need to. XXOO

♥ Paoletta ♥ said...

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Nezzy said...

Just be careful what ya start, baby. Yep, all that unconditional lovin' can turn around and bite ya on the backside. My daughter turned into a human boomerang. We finally had to do a tough love thing and tell her the last time there was no movin' back in. Birds gotta fly and fish gotta swim. This is probably not the case in your daughters life.

This makes me sound mead doesn't it? It had happened so many times and she needed to grow up and take some responsibilities, where we were just enabling her to blow it and move back in. That's why I called it though love because it was one of the toughest things this mama had to do.

God bless you and have a great week!!!

Splurgie said...

It sounds like you weren't cray about the boyfriend and it was good of you to hold your tongue. She's so young but seems to know what's best for her.

Even with the extra stuff filling up your house, you'll never regret helping her out now.

wendy said...

I loved that post. YES that is what moms are for.
I am sorry she is going through a hard time right now.

and I am thankful to a Father In Heaven who is willing to take MY baggage, and make my load lighter.

Dede said...

Thank you for following me...I'm so glad you are, because through that I've discovered your blog and I LOVE it!!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

oh doris, I love your post. It is so true and can I relate! If you've read my blog you may know my daughter with two babies and two dogs has moved in while hubby is away serving in Iraq. Loved your comparison to parents taking in children with all their baggage and God taking is us with open arms.