Saturday, March 13, 2010

Molly Day Treasures

It was a bright, beautiful, sunny afternoon as I droveto Halifax to meet with my Molly. The radio was turned to my favorite oldies station, and Malcolm the Moose was bobbing his head as I sang along. I love an appreciative audience!
We had a fantastic afternoon. We went to a fair sized Salvation Army Thrift store on Strawberry Hill; and believe me -- "I found a thrill ...... on Strawberry Hill"! There were so many great things there all at rock bottom prices! (I love that phrase rock bottom, don't you. I don't get to use it much) ...... (I wish I could use that phrase in relation to my derriere ----- instead of my head!)
We then went to Value Village in Bayer's Lake. And once again, we both had a very successful trip. Molly bought all clothing -- beautiful, fashionable, tiny-sized clothing that looked so pretty on her! I bought a couple of pieces of clothing -- beautiful, sensible, "Thank-God-they-have-my-size and they're cheap!" clothes that looked so pretty on me. (They've been washed and are hanging on the clothesline right now, so you'll just have to wait to have a peek.) But these days, I mainly head to the housewares department anyway.
We had dinner at Jungle Jim's Restaurant and we shared a bunch of delicious appetizers.

Jim's Spudmania (not a diet food, Ladies & Gentlemen!) along
with Taqueros and Greek salad.
It was a super meal. It's been a difficult year or two for Molly and I. She's breaking away and becoming independent (and often, it's "wrenching" away!); and Mama is too protective and outspoken and opinionated (and nosey and bossy)! But God's been speaking to me about that lately; and I shared what God's been saying to me. (He said "Back off, Sandra!" a lot, I believe!). Friday was a time of restoration for us as well as a shopping trip.
She talked a lot in the restaurant. And as I sat across from her and listened, 3 things struck me:
  1. My God, she's beautiful!
  2. My goodness, she's intelligent!
  3. My dear, she's grown up!

We laughed a lot! (Thank you so much, Lord!)



So now, dry your eyes and put away your hankies 'cause I'm gonna show you what I bought. Let's start at the Sally Ann.


My TOPS group is having an in-house Easter/Spring auction in a couple of weeks. I bought this beautiful, brand-new in the box set for $3.99.*

The cup and saucer here (49 cents!!) will get filled with Easter straw and some pretty soaps and bath oil beads for the auction. I haven't made up my mind yet about giving up the other 2 dishes ($1.99 each). *

I've been wanting a shortbread pan for eons but they're so darned expensive ($30-$50). While Molly was in the dressing room, I took the time to go through a cart which was on it's way from the pricing room to the store. Look at this beautiful find for $1.99! I love the pattern too; my grandma was of Scottish descent and her maiden name was Thistle!*

This is such a pretty vase ($1.99) - heavy, good quality; and it reminds me of Barbara Eden's Genie bottle. And although in the photo it looks bent at the top, it's perfectly straight; I think it's an optical illusion from the twisty bit on the stem.*

And at Value Village, I bought my clothes and this great black lamp shade $1.98. The lamp was a recent find at my local Frenchies ($6.00). Pretty sweet!*

After I dropped Molly off, I had to pass through Bayer's Lake again. So, I stopped at Starbucks for a yummy fix for my 1.5 hr drive home. But guess what happens to be almost straight across from Starbucks?



And although I didn't succumb the first time I saw them a month ago, this time I could not resist. I mean, who can resist this $9.99 bit of polka dotted spring-burst nesting heaven?

Tomorrow the girls and I head out for an overnight in the Annapolis Valley. And Monday I plan on an early start and a leisurly drive back home via Coldbrook (home of one of the best Frenchies in the province) and Berwick (wherein lies Bargain Harley's).


All purely in the name of blogging research, you understand!


Linda said...

You had a marvelous thrifting day with bunches of great finds. I love the cake plate and knife!! The best thing of course was time spent with your daughter. It is wonderful to see them grown up and realize we have done our job! Oh we are and always will be needed, but they are pretty well 'baked' now. God is showing you so much! Drying eyes now!

Garden of Egan said...

Absolutely! There are many things that would not normally be tolerated or looked upon as normal....except in the name of blogging!
Love the dish you got. It's beautiful.
That darling girl with you is a beautiful dish too!

Eva Gallant said...

Molly is beautiful. And you did make some wonderful purchases!

Marie said...

What a beautiful gal your daughter is and what a wonderful assortment of goodies you have found. Oh, how I miss Bargain Harley's and Frenchies! One of the first two places I hit after I land in the valley!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is hard letting them go. I know that only too well and as mine left home and began life on their own it was quite an adjustment for me. Glad you had such a good time and found those great bargains too. It sounds like there is more fun ahead. I'll be waiting to see what you come up with next.

Anita said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely time with Molly! Looks like yet again you got some great thrift store finds! Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip and find even more wonderful things!

Splugie said...

I have to admit when I first glanced at your picture, I thought there was a moose sitting on the highway ...OK, just for a minute. I thought,"Gee, things really are different in Canada."

Sounds like a delightful afternoon.

Gail said...

What a wonderful fun-filled outing. I look forward to those kind myself.

Barb said...

Sorry - but you're not fooling me about doing research. Your daughter is a lovely young woman.

Nezzy said... that what ya'll are callin' it these days?

I'm so glad you and Molly had a grand time. Mothers and daughters...need I say more? She IS just beautiful.

Golly gee, you've done it again. The buys, the bargains, I bow down to the Queen of Thrift once again. I can't believe that shortbread pan....awesome!

God bless ya'll!