Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

On Sunday, Adriana, Libby and I drove across the province to the Fundy shore to spend an overnight with my daughters' step-mom, Susan. She's finishing the building of her "green" home and I'm really, really impressed with her because not only can she use power tools, but she can build cabinets and hand doors etc. Wow! I've always wanted to learn how to do that!
There's no cable TV, no internet connection and no street lamps in this neck of the country. It was quiet and peaceful and lovely sitting in the living room by the wood stove. And it's always just the tiniest bit strange to walk around seeing things you once had in your house now in this house! But I really appreciate Susan; we share a friendship these days as well as memories of a good man and father. And blessedly, she helps me share in the sometimes stress of raising my daughters.
Dinner was so good: lasagne, salad and apple crisp with whipped cream! We had a couple of games of Skip-Bo. And we slept in the pitch-black with the stars shining down on me through the skylight. On both Sunday and Monday, we walked to the beach. It was cold and windy; but the sun was shining.
Here's Adriana and I enjoying the brisk ocean air! Well okay! Perhaps I'm the one actually enjoying it!
And here's Adriana and Susan who found a sheltered spot out of the wind for my poor little Mexican girl!
There had been a wild storm a few weeks ago, so the road-side of the beach under the small cliff was littered with driftwood. I got a few pieces for my garden.
Susan and I also both love to collect heart-shaped rocks to line our flower gardens.

I also found this guy with the puzzled look on his face.*
And this little dead starfish!*
Before we went home, we spent an hour at Bargain Harley's in Berwick. It's a great little store full of bits of discount everything. I've shopped here once a year for the past 16 years while I'm at bible camp. And you know! No matter what other treasures I find at Bargain Harley's, I always seem to pick up the wonderful goat's milk hand lotion and soap that I mentioned in a previous post.
We drove to Coldbrook to visit their huge Frenchies (see tomorrow's post); and then ate dinner at Swiss Chalet. It's a good thing I was driving home 'cause we all had to waddle to the car!
We were home to our starving cat (who'd no doubt gorged himself Sunday and gone without all day Monday) by 7 pm. Exhausted but happy!


Anita said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! I want to see a picture of the rock garden of hearts! Sounds like a lovely idea.
Looks cold out there, but so beautiful.
I think I would love a green house, dark at night like it should be.
I get sick of all the lights on appliances, computers blah blah blah.
Loved the rock with the disgusted epression. Hilarious.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How lovely to be by the beach but I'm a fair weather sailor and like WARM sandy beaches. It would be a challenge to live like that. For all the modern conveniences spoil us so. Yet there is something to be said for the simple life. I suppose that is why I love camping. However even there we all have all the conveniences. Years ago it was a much different type of camping and I did love that for sure.

Maureen said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I can't believe how many heart shaped rocks you found. How cool!

Nezzy said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the best weekend. I too would love to see your heart shape rock collection in your garden.

God bless and have a terrific Tuesday!!!

Eva Gallant said...

Heart shaped rocks---cool! Sounds like you had fun!

Becky said...

i love your heart-shaped rocks! i found one in the desert last weekend. i love finding hearts, letters, & signs in nature... they are always around if we pay attention!

bettyl said...

What a great post! Your photos are wonderful, too, especially the rocks and starfish!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday. We love playing skipbo as well.

All that food sounds yummy!