Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9th - Unique Names Day

According to my web-source (which shall remain nameless -- because I can't remember which of those pages I decided to go with), the most common names for 2009 were Jacob and Emily. Yup! There are quite a few of those around. And throughout the last 8 years of raising teenagers, my daughters have each had several Brittanys, Jennifers, Saras and Matthews as friends. Pretty standard names these days.
But where do we draw the line between unique and just plain weird names. Like all those celebrity babies! Where do they come up with them?
In the past, we thought that Chastity and Elijah Blue were pretty weird. (We were right!) And I think that most people have heard of Zowie Bowie! I bet you that no amount of celebrity or cash kept the entire Kindergarten class from ribbing him for the next 5-10 years!
But what about the celebrity parents who may not have been on drugs when they named their kid? What's their excuse? Now-a-days, we've got supposedly responsible, sane, loving parents giving their kids names like:
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple

  • Sylvester Stallone's son Sage Moonblood

  • Brangelina's Maddox or Shiloh Nouvel or the twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline

Not to mention the ever popular Jackson clan who name their children things like:

  • Prince Michael II or Blanket (Michael)

  • Jermajesty (Jermaine)

Y e a h! Ya think there might be just a little ego involved in these names?

When I first began working in Halifax in the mid '70's, there was a girl who told me that when her high school math teacher, Mr Ash, and his wife had their first daughter, they named her Kishma. Perhaps it was all the Eastern Indian influence of the late '60's! But it sure is a pretty name, right? Now, put her first and last name together and repeat it out loud! Oohhh! That would be an awful name to grow up with, huh.
Still, I think my favorite doozey of a name is one that I can confirm. My younger brother went through elementary school with a very shy and geekly little boy whose name was Baxter Dexter Webster. Oh man! That poor little fellow never stood a chance!
I've often wondered how Baxter's life turned out because a lot of experts say that your name has a profound affect on your life. For example, Genghis (as in Genghis Khan who conquered huge areas of Asia and eastern Europe) means "universal lord". So, did his name dictate his life or did he live up to the meaning of his name? Hmmmm.
Leads me to ponder other weird names which I found online. Questions:
  1. If you call your child Abacus, will you always be able to count on them?

  2. How about Echo; will you really only ever have to call them to dinner once?

  3. Could I survive the toddler years with a child named Lively?

  4. Would my daughter Indigo suffer from depression?

  5. Is it likely that my son Granite would have a really hard life?
As for my own name, Sandra means "Helper of Mankind" (which is just too much pressure for me); and Doris comes from the Greek and means "sea" (and I sure would like to live by the sea in Greece).
But I'd really like it if you could just call me ....................... Your Majesty!
Now, if I could only lay off the tarts!!


Terra said...

Dear Your Majesty,
Names fascinate me, and I prefer creative names, myself.
I see that the letter J predominates for guy names. When my sons were born this was true with lots of Jason, Jamie, Jessie, Justin, etc.
For girls on the list you give, J and M names are popular.
My parents gave me my name, and I rarely meet others with my name of Terra.
Your humble subject.

Garden of Egan said...

Hello my leige.......if I am allowed to post a comment, I would absolutely say I love your name.
I would also say that I so totally love this post.
Subserviantly yours,

Eva Gallant said...

Long live the Queen!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Names are important and although I often wonder why some are named as they are, I guess there was a reason. Your Majesty sounds just fine. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

ethelmaepotter! said...

If I may, Your Majesty,
I come from a family where common names were shunned in favor of more unique ones, the thought at the time being that unique names would promote individuality and a strong sense of being; a oneness that would lead us to distinguish ourselves from the masses and allow us to follow our own paths in life.
For some of us, it worked, as in the case of my nephew, Bode, who followed his path to Vancouver and won gold. And his brother, Nathaniel Kinsman Ever Chelone Skan Miller, who is a professional snowboarder. Yeah. That name is real. And let's not forget their sister, Genesis Wren Bungo Windrushing Turtleheart. Genny, for short. Yep.
Then there are those who followed that path right down to the drug dealers; some to missed opportunities. (My side of the family, I'm sorry to say.) Those crazy names didn't do much for them there. I'm not giving their names, but they're unique, too.
Did the names influence the people who bear them? I don't really think so; not in the people I personally know.

BUT...I work at the post office and see names every day...sometimes REALLY crazy names. Which is actually a half-finished post I have buried somewhere...

Jermajesty? Are you kidding?

My husband used to work with a guy...we'll call him Studly Wuddly...who had three different women pregnant at the same time...none of them knew about the others...they all had boys...and they all named those boys Studly Wuddly Jr!

Nezzy said...

Your Majesty, you are way too funny! Heeeheehe! (insert a nice curtsy here)

Have a fabulous day, sweetie!

Cherie said...

Hello your Majesty - hey it had a nice ring to it!
There are definately some weird names out there and that poor Kishma Ash !! Funny though!

I love my name Cherie but I always have to tell people how to pronounce it and it is even harder to spell. So I gave all my kids nice normal names with no fancy spellings.

I think there is alot to a name.

Myrna Hynes said...

With a name like MYRNA, I can't help but be fascinated by "abnormal" monikers...and I come from a long line of unusual names like Drucilla and Dorcas and Garland and Rowella...oh my! My name means "Gentle" but unfortunately, I'm told, conjurs up an image of a grumpy little old lady sitting in her rocking chair knitting scratchy wool socks!