Friday, July 2, 2010

2 July 2010 Fertilizer Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This is an especially happy Friday for me because I celebrated Canada Day yesterday with friends, and now I'm on vacation until next Wednesday -- my first "staycation"! But I won't be idle! I have decks to clean and stain. (I also have books to read in the hammock and wine to be drunk with friends.) I'm so looking forward to 5 days of Me and my house and whatever the day dictates!


So, take a walk through my garden with me; then drop by Tootsie and see what everyone else is showing this week.


The roses are still blooming. .
The sedum is blooming (and needs to be weeded!)..

The Evening Primrose are out in full force. Very cheerful!.
Here's the first bloom of the Lamb's Ears.
The Astilbe are blooming. They are so pretty and feathery. And hiding behind is a day lily.
Here are the Asiatic lilies again, still blooming (and I'm still picking off the occasional demon beetles or larvae).
Another beautiful big 'n' tall day lily.
I hope everything's happy, healthy and blooming in your garden!
Happy Friday friends!


Mel said...

Hiya Sandy. Hope you enjoyed your Canada Day.

All of your plants are lovely. I don't know much about gardening and was surprised to find out that the plant that you say is lambs ear is actually rose campion. Who knew?

"From each little velvety silver-gray rosette of this stunning spring blooming perennial sprouts a long stemmed stalk with in-your-face magenta flowers. A tough ornamental cottage garden plant that likes to spread itself around. Before it blooms, it is often mistaken for lamb's ear, but it has somewhat less succulent, pointier leaves that are more felty than wooly"

I just wanted to let you know.

Antique ART Garden said...

Looks very nice out there ! My primroses are few and far between, not so pretty as yours. I believe it is much cooler where you are, mine came out early Spring and died promptly. Have fun w/ your friends ! Gina

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy vacation! Don't work too hard and enjoy!

Judy said...

Nice walk through garden... Thanks

Eva Gallant said...

Enjoy your staycation, and thanks for sharing the photos of your lovely flowers!

Barbara said...

Enjoy Canada Day and come to my house and plant for me!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy!

I'm your derelict pen pal (through Shelagh's blog)! Your plans for a "staycation" sound absolutely perfect! Enjoy!


The Words Crafter said...

Glad you had fun on Canada Day and your garden looks lovely. I hope you spend your next five days EXACTLY as you want to, and to the fullest measure!


What beautiful flowers. You must be a great gardener. I'm not so I enjoy the gardens of others. I can plant containers but that's the extent of my efforts.

The Road of Life is one of my favorite quotes.