Friday, July 30, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - 30 July 2010

AARG! Thank goodness it's Friday.
This little flower is wilting! Too much moving of furniture and painting walls. And you think it's hard to unload all those dishes! Whoh! Try to figure out how to put them all back in a new place! Oy yey!
This Fertilizer Friday is brought to you once again by the fabulous Tootsie at Tootsie Time. So come; let's walk through my garden on this grey morning.
The lilies and Potentilla are just about over; and something is eating the centre of my Shasta Daisies as they're all brown. I suspect the earwigs are responsible for a lot of damage in the garden. At least, I hate the little blighters, that's my theory on the problem, and I'm sticking to it!
The Coneflower is beautiful. It's such a jolly little bunch!
To the right of the Coneflowers we have my Mother's Day gift - Turtlehead - getting ready to flower. (Very exciting for me!) And then we have this one little sprig of Delphenium ('cause I kept accidentally pulling out the other 3 when I weeded). It's so delicate that it's hard to get a picture of it because the slightest breeze sets it to dancing..
This is it's first summer in my garden, and I'm extremely happy with my Bee Balm. I love the color, and boy! It's a lovely, long bloomer! Just showing signs of aging now!.
The False Sunflower has not been as brilliant this summer as the 2 previous. Again, the centres seem to be dying quickly. (Or perhaps my memory is bad!) I still like it though..
Although the white Astilbe is now faded, the pink is looking marvelous. And in front of this bush, the Liatris is ready to burst open!.
Here we have a pretty low-lying white Campanula. I'm very fond of this one as well..
And lastly, I believe this is Beauty Bush (but please correct me if I'm wrong). This is again it's first summer blooming in my garden..
As an avid novice gardener, I've mostly bought and planted according to my heart with not an awful lot of research. Consequently, over the season, I begin to see what grows well here and not so well there, what's not planted to it's best advantage, what's getting crowded out or hidden behind something that's taller, etc. And I find myself constantly making mental notes and planning what to move and where it will go this fall. Don't you do the same thing?
But for today, I'm so happy that's still 2 months away! Half a day's work today!!! And the weather is supposed to improve dramatically. So, that sounds like a "Gin 'n Tonic Hammock Day" to me!
Happy weekend, my friends. Don't forget to check out Tootsie and her garden followers.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your flowers are looking wonderful. Mine seem to be suffering in the heat but my Rose of Sharon has bloomed and is gorgeous! Enjoy your day. Hammock and cocktail time sound good!

High Heeled Life said...

Your garden is beautiful ... It was great stumble across another Canadian's blog... I'll pop in again for a vist.. Have a great weekend!!! HHL

RainGardener said...

WoW Doris your flowers are looking beautiful. You're right Coneflowers look like a happy bunch - everyone else's that is. Why don't mine multiply? My flowers are doing better with bigger grins this year than they ever have but still only 1 little Coneflower. ;-(

Becca's Dirt said...

What time will the drinks be ready. I'll be right over. Beautiful bloomers today.

Nezzy said...

Your garden is beautiful and you captured it in all its spender. Gardening is truly a trial and error experience. Few believe me when I tell them at one time all I could grow were marigolds...yep, I had 'em everywhere. Now my acre yard is filled with gardens. Now, go take a break and use that hammock!


Have a fantastic weekend! :o)

DUTA said...

I love flowers in their natural environment - in the garden, not in a vase and not in a bouquet brought to one's sweetheart. I like to look at their beauty and smell their scents after working hard for them in the garden.

With fruit trees that's something else. They give us not only beauty and scents but also food and delightful taste. Their best environment is..on our plate.

Eva Gallant said...

lovely flowers!

The Words Crafter said...

Your garden still looks quite lovely and I'm impressed even more since you're a novice! The hammock/gin and tonic sounds like a dream after this crazy week. Enjoy your weekend!

Suzy said...

You've got some pretty things blooming. I especially love the coneflower!

Jeannie B. said...

Your flowers are all so fresh looking. Mine are hating the july Louisiana heat!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Dear Rooster Party Participant,

Just a reminder that this coming Friday, August 6th is the Rooster Party. I am so looking forward to seeing your post.

Thanks for joining and I hope you have a wonderful time.

Hugs, Barb

ethelmaepotter! said...

Beautiful, all. I really love the Campanula. Last year, my daughter used sunflowers and coneflowers for her bouquet and all the arrangements; I thought at first she was crazy, but it was actually glorious!

The sideboard is GREAT!!! I love it!