Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I took a break from staining last Saturday and visited the Summer Fling at West Side United Church. They served a wonderful full breakfast - eggs over easy, bacon, toast with the Pastor's homemade strawberry jam, juice and tea or coffee. Yum! I haven't eaten a breakfast like that in many months. I love going there because I see so many of my old friends and neighbours.
They also had a great yard sale. Here's what I picked up.

Two pretty necklaces for $1 each. See the bead details in Pic #2.


Six vintage glasses for $1..

Paris keychain for $1 and ceramic plaque for $2.

Cancer (and my birthstone) phone or purse charm, cute little Cameo pin and small gold hoops for 25 cents each..

And to add to my addiction, I bought these 22 fairly recent copies of Canadian Home and Garden magazine for $2. Lots of good decorating ideas..

AND 47 older (1998 to 2006) copies of Canadian Gardening for $3; but it doesn't matter how old the gardening magazine right? Gardens never go out of style!.


Now, let's go check out Bloggeritaville for other Thrifty Thursday finds.


Sue said...

I love, love that set of colorful glasses! And your 25 cent purchases were a major bargain!
:-) Sue

Darla said...

Nice finds and just how many magazines do you have?

Betsy said...

Hi! Thanks for your kind comments! My fav is the vintage glasses! Enjoy them - I see morning OJ in them!

Darla said...

I think it's cute that you have so many husband let's me go crazy with plants because he also says there are worse addictions.