Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Home 'n' Self Improvement?

My brother and sister-in-law are moving back to Newfoundland in August. And as any good relative would do, I helped them a little with moving. Well actually, they have movers coming tomorrow and Friday. But I did what I could.

I bought the small sideboard!
Besides the buffet that I have, I've been using small tables and cabinets to hold my extra dishes and glassware. This piece will will take up less space, look much more attractive, and there'll be less dusting for me to do because everything will be behind doors and drawers.

Before it arrived, I had some heavy duty rearranging to do. And then I noticed the holes and marks on the walls. So, I repainted -- same color just fresh and clean.
Surfaces everywhere are filled with my bits and bobs.

The new piece is not fancy. It's got dings and chips and needs some love. (Somewhat like me!) So, I sanded the top & put on a coat of stain; then I gave the remainder a good cleaning. (I sometimes do that to myself on a Saturday night; but I still ain't got no lovin'!!)The knobs are removed (the sideboard's knobs, not mine); with any luck, they'll be brass and will clean up nicely (no comment here!). I'll put a couple of coats of varathane on the top; and I'm going to look for some nice paper to line the cupboards and drawers with. Then I'll fill 'er with my treasures, dress her up and show her off to you all.

I hope she'll look as pretty as her sister does.
(I always wanted to be as pretty as my sister too!)
When I bought this one, she was awfully sad looking. All it took was a new shelf, fixing the bottom drawer, and all over sanding and varathaning for her to look a hundred times better.
Okay! So maybe I could use a new shelf, my bottom drawer fixed and the all over!
THEN perhaps I would find acceptance and love like this furniture did, huh?
Well, I'm not so sure about that.
And I don't think I could run down to my local Home Hardware for the supplies; and I think I'd have to spend more than 20 bucks on it.
So ................... NAW!!
This model may be dinged and chipped, but character has to count for something, right!


Gail said...

Character does count! I am glad you did not replace your knobs. Very funny post.

Great job on the projects too. I always run into that, change one thing and you have to fix twenty.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Funny post! Yes character at this age is what gives us our appeal! Believe me it's there! Oh and I love your new sideboard!

Marie said...

Sorry that I didn't get a chance to meet you when I was in Nova Scotia. That would have been great! Perhaps next time! Love these lovely old pieces of furniture! You've done such a good job with them. Good luck to your brother on his move!

Judy said...

Nice looking piece...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love old furniture and I have an old side board in my dinning room that was rescued from someone's basement years ago. I bought a refinishing kit that I never did use on it. It does shine nicely when I take the time to use some lemon oil polish on it. You've done a great job on yours.

Chris said...

Sandy, you are a treasure, polished and spackeled or not.
Funny stuff girl!

Maureen said...

Can you believe how a seemingly small decision (to get the sideboard) turns into a load of work! It's very nice and so is her sister.

Nezzy said...

Ya'll left this chick cacklin'!!! Great job girl! Ya just gotta love furniture with character! That's what we call it every time a grandkiddo dings something....hum, more character! Love the sideboard.

Ya'll have a terrifically blessed day!

siteseer said...

beautiful piece. I was never good at making old furniture look good. You did a good job.

The Words Crafter said...

You have the greatest sense of humor! These pieces are gorgeous and all the dings and scuffs just add character. I'm impressed that you know how to do all that stuff-I would be completely lost. Wow.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh character definitely counts! Love your new sideboard.

~ Tracy

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love the sideboard and it turned out really nice.

A human kind of human said...

As for love... I love you lots! (as one of my little nieces would say)even if it is long distance. You always manage to cheer me up and inspire me, so how could I not.