Saturday, July 24, 2010


Let's walk downtown this morning. The sun is out but it's not overly hot. It's a perfect day for a stroll.
First stop - the library. I just finished reading "The Pillars of the Earth", and I'd like to better understand the descriptions of the medieval building process. (Plus I want a movie for tonight.)


Oh look! Here's the new fountain in the river. Pretty, isn't it!

They're still working on the gazebo and park. I wonder when the work will be finished?

A stop at the Farmer's Market for fresh green beans and baby summer squash, and a basket of red, juicy raspberries!

And let's not forget a loaf of whole grain bread (and something to add to my brunch).
Up the hill we go, back home. It's almost noon, and I'm pretty hungry. But in just a few short minutes, lunch is ready.

Now, after weeks of work, let's get started on the perfect Saturday!

Happy weekend my friends!


Terra said...

You have a great area for your walk, the library, the fountain in the river, the farmers market. Now that is an epic stroll.

The Words Crafter said...

So cool that you can walk to all those places. I think Stars is going to have a mini series based on Pillars of the Earth. I need to read that. I'm glad you're finally getting to enjoy your newly painted decks!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would love to live so I could walk like that to the library and stores. Sound wonderful.

Eva Gallant said...

great walk, great photos!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...what a lovely jaunt...those blueberries are calling my name!

Maureen said...

Looks like a goooood day to me! Enjoy!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Lovely walk you had there. I do hope your Saturday was a super one. It ws rather hot here and found my self in the a/c for a nap this afternoon. Now it's raining.

Jeannie B. said...

How nice to be able to walk to places. I only wish! Love your photos!

Gail said...

This is a walk I would enjoy.

knitwit said...

What a perfect Saturday walk. It reminded me a lot of our Saturday walks in Fredericton when we lived out east. I still miss those walks!

Erica said...

I just became a follower of your Blog.......your area looks so nice. I'm from Toronto and have always wanted to visit out there in your neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Nezzy said...

OOOOOoooo, we haven't been with you to the Farmer's Market for awhile. What a nice day. I'd like a little of your cool please! It's hotter than blue blazes here! Your deck looks so very charming girl. You really did a great job.

God bless ya and have a glorious day!!!