Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Damsel in De-Stress

As I said to a fellow blogger this morning, we bloggers all seem to be on the same wavelength. (Perhaps there's been a massive Vulcan mind meld!) January makes us want to clean!

and my favorite one:

  • Garden Of Daisies is challenging us to toss out or donate 365 items this year -- 31 items a month.


I know that a lot of these urges are normal for this time of year. With Xmas behind us and the un-decorating that's happening, we naturally want (and probably need) to clean our homes. I spent yesterday morning at my bathroom -- washing walls, laundering curtains, organizing drawers and cleaning all surfaces. (A job I've put off for 3 months.)


And with the diet that some of us have maintained over the holidays (and our body in major rebellion), our thoughts naturally turn to getting back on track with diet and exercise.


But there's also a mental de-cluttering that seems to happen at this time of year. The return to normal day-to-day life from Xmas mode is a welcome relief. For over-achievers, the bake-off/best decorated/largest gift/happiest family competition is over. We can be our regular selves again! OR we can become "new and improved" (or a reasonable facsimilie thereof) with our New Year's resolutions and lists etc. (Personally, I only make NY's resolutions when I want to be disappointed in myself!)


This cleansing of home, body and mind is good at any time; January just seems to bring it out in us en masse!


I did some mental de-cluttering just before Xmas by letting go of something that had become very stressful. And I'm continuing this month to let go of things that just don't meet my needs anymore.


The three go hand in hand: Cleaning my house makes me feel physically better. If my house is clean, I can think clearer. If my mind is more alert, I sleep better, make better decisions and feel better physically ... so I can tackle more home jobs and have a cleaner house. So for me, January is a very welcome, very good month.

Just call me a Damsel in De-Stress!




aliceinparis said...

Love that slogan! Damsel in De- Stress. Hooray! I also like the idea of letting 365 things loose.Have a Happy 2012!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Remember: Desserts are stressed spelled backwards!!! I tossed out 36 items yesterday so I'm well on my way to that 365 you mentioned. Old clothes and old linens that don't have any use here. There will be lots more. Decluttering the mind is aways a good thing too! I try to do that on a daily basis it seems. It's going to be a wonderful New Year...

Janet said...

Like Alice, I love that slogan!!

Great ideas to kick start the New Year, Sandy - and I am a firm believer that clutter affects more than just our end tables, night tables, coffee tables, book shelves (well, you get the picture). Decluttered is a good Zen Habit!!

I tackled my kitchen the last day of 2011 so I was ready to make healthy eating a priority.

Good luck with your cleaning and decluttering :)

Chatty Crone said...

I might do that getting rid of a thing a day - I have so much stuff here around me - lol.


Pat MacKenzie said...

I'm afraid I have a lot more than 365 things to liberate this year. In the summer we'll be moving from our home in Edmonton to our home in Lethbridge where we'll retire. Problem is, we've already furnished out Lethbridge home because we go down there so often, and we have a fully furnished three bedroom home in Edmonton. Looks like I'll be having a huge garage sale followed by massive donations to charity. I'm starting the decluttering process today.

GardenofDaisies said...

Thanks for joining in the 366 Challenge and sharing it with your readers! I think we will all feel like a burden has been lifted off our shoulders by this time next year!! I am looking forward to reaching my goal! One of my blogging friends said she had gone around her home and had already come up with over 400 items to donate, and was challenging her self to come up with yet another 366! WOW, what an inspiration!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Ya'll know I'm with ya 365 days a year!

I live to clean, it makes my heart sing and my world divine. Hubs laughs when he tell folks...don't lay anything 'round Nezzy, she'll get rid of it!

Clutter just stresses me out and we can't have that! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya sweetie and have fun De~Stressin'!!! :o)

You go girl........

Joycee said...

Food for thought indeed! I took like deep cleaning so that I can think straight! I have a new Dyson and it's helping me to do just that. With a blonde cocker spaniel I finish cleaning and then can start all over again wherever he is in the house....arrrrg!


LOVE it! LOVE it! What a great logo. Damsel in De-Stress. I hear you about all the advice and resolutions for the New Year, too. I like the idea of mental de-cluttering. It has to start there before the rest will fall into place. At least for me. If I can finally tackle what's inside the vanity in my bathroom... it'll be a GOOD year. LOL Take care.

Red said...

Decluttering is a good term to use. We carry a lot of baggage.
Since January is the beginning of a new year it is suitable to clean things up.

Healthier And Wealthier said...

I love all the January stuff. It is one of my favorite months. I have a slow start this but I will be catching up soon. Clean on!

Debra from Bungalow said...

Yes January does make us want to de-clutter and clean. You have mentioned some great challenges here to start off on the right foot in the new year.

Come on over to my giveaway for a great cleaning product that I love.

Heather said...

What a great slogan - I'm joining you in the Damsel in De-Stress - declutter, clean and get back on track. I love January!