Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start as you mean to End

I spent a relaxing New Year's Eve watching movies. With popcorn in hand, I saw the quite lengthy 2011 version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". (Well done Hollywood!)

Later at home, with Kir Royale in hand (see pic), I re-watched the 2009 Swedish version - my second time. You don't have to bother with subtitles in the 2011 Fincher movie. It also does a wonderful job of clearly and accurately telling the story and doesn't stray too far nor too often from the original book written by Stieg Larsson. It easily holds your interest and keeps you glued to your seat. However, it's a little more more raw and, therefore, slightly more violent than the 2009 Oplev film.


After watching both, my preferance is still for the Swedish version of the film. I like that it sticks to the original story; and in my opinion, Noomi Rapace's portrail of Lisbeth Salander is more true to her character as Steig Larsson presents her. She's socially inept, disconnected from the people around her and gives little or nothing of herself away. She is a product of her upbringing and a definite survivor! (And, of course, it helps that I can watch the next 2 films based on Larsson's next 2 books in the Millennium series.)
We had rain last night. But my new year began today clear and warm. After a wonderful church service thanking the One who loves me and provides for me, I had tea on the deck -- 5 degrees celcius (41 deg F). January 1st!


And just to cross all my "t's" and dot all my "i's", I took a page from the ole South and cooked black-eyed peas and greens (well, green beans) to ensure prosperity and luck for 2012. .
And as I like to start the new year as I hope to end it (warm weather, worship and good food), I'll go back to relaxing on the couch in my warm, comfy home ..... and I'll finish watching the Millenium Series films.

Have you seen either or both of these films? Read the books? What did you think?


Debbie V. said...

Cute picture :) Happy 2012!


I haven't read any Stieg Larsson books or seen the movies, though I've heard of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I can't handle any blood and gore, so I stay away from things that might expose me. For years I read mysteries but no more. Tea on the deck sounds so lovely. I did not have any black eyed peas or green beans with my meal, so I suppose I am doomed to bad luck this year. OH NO! LOVE the photos. Take care. HAPPY 2012.

Janet said...

Sounds like a great way to usher out 2011 and usher in 2012, Sandy :) BTW - when you invite me over when George gets there, I LOVE Kir Royale!!

Looking forward to seeing the Hollywood version to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I haven't seen the Swedish version - and, please don't yell at me, I had to abandon the book. Just couldn't finish it for a variety of reasons. Anyway, huge Daniel Craig fan - so I will watch the movie!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I haven't read the book or seen the movies....but had a very relaxing New Years eve and New Years day so if starting as you mean to ends figures in, I'll have a relaxing year. That sounds good to me. Hope your Monday is a wonderful one!

Sweet Tea said...

I'm more a Chick Flick, romantic comedy type of girl, but I could sure join you for that plate of Southern food. Ooooo that looks sooooo yummy!

Joycee said...

Over from The Maine House... we are going today to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it sounds very good. We too did the "southern thing" with black-eyed peas, cannot say I love them. Come visit us me in the Ozarks on Granny Mountain!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I have been meaning to watch that movie have inspired me! happy New year!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I saw the Sweedish version a few months ago and loved it. Not sure I would want to see the new adaption as I thought the other was great.

Hope your new year is super and fun. I think though that you find fun in in most situations.

Betsy said...

Happy New Year! I haven't read the books or seen the movie, but my son has and really likes them. My kids plan to see the movie this week, so I'll see what they think!


karensomethingorother said...

I'd like to read the books! Now maybe I will, since it's neverending grey outside, and you endorsed them!