Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sing: "The sun'll come out ... tomorrow!"

Yesterday was the story of "Sandra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"!  

  1. The phone woke me from a lovely sleep;I'd somehow left my purse and camera at the potluck in Mahone Bay the night before
  2. (and I couldn't even blame it on the kids as I hadn't asked them to watch it while I helped with dishes).  
  3. When I went to collect it, the lady's doggie kept circling me and barking and then jumping up on me -- he was a fairly big doggie and those were clean grey sweat pants, Charlie!
  4. My sore shoulders were aching; I think that addled my already-addled brain.
  5. The girls and I spent an hour looking for the house where their get-together was being held.  My cell phone went dead; none of Mariana's friends were answering their text messages; no one on the (wrong) street knew of a Ms Blahblah who was hosting the get together.  We finally came home.
  6. I was gonna comfort myself with Kraft Dinner.  (Is KD a comfort food in your house?)  Molly ate it before she went to work.  
  7. I should never have substituted all those chocolates instead ..... but I did!
  8. I lay there on the couch with a heating pad under my shoulder, feeling bloated from that 50 lb of not very good chocolate and I napped 'cause TV viewing was soooooo crappy ...... and woke sitting bolt upright with a start.  Ouch shoulder!
  9. Finally, I knew what to do!  I'll make chicken nuggets and brown rice and put oodles of plum sauce over it all.  Another comfort food!  The brown rice was still chewy, the nuggets weren't crispy and there wasn't enough plum sauce for oodles!
  10. I thought I'd watch a nice movie that would make me cry so I could release some of those pent up frustrations.  And finally after false starts with 2 crappy movies, I found one!  It didn't make me cry, but it did relax me and the guy got the girl and they kissed in the end and lived happily ever after! Ahhh!  (No crying, Sandy, because that isn't you!)

To bed with a prayer that tomorrow will be a better day.

It's Sunday!  That's a better start already!

And breakfast this morning WAS comfort food.  Oatmeal, hot toast with oodles of butter  (Success!) and tea. 
And the oatmeal came out perfectly.  It wasn't an amalgamated glob of oatmeal but rather every large flake oat was defined and cooked to just the right chewy consistency:  the dollop of butter and the brown sugar melted into the hot cereal and the milk/cream mixture was just right.  And look -- those are alligators in my swamp!  

When the girls were little, I cut their toast into little squares (alligators) then hid them in the swamp (oatmeal).  They loved it and ate every drop.

I'm a happy girl again!  When grown-up-girl life gets too much for you, revert to little-girl life.  Perhaps it's just a temporary reprieve, but whatever works, right!

Alligators in the swamp have changed my perspective this morning.  Now I'm off to church to see God about this shoulder!  (And I may even mention my lack of kissing and happily ever afters.)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are doing better than I this morning. I decided to stay in and keep warm. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one!

wendy said...

Crazy when we get days like that eh. Best just to "wait it out" get to bed, and start over.
turn the page, as that photo suggested.......
Alligators in the that is a new one for me. Love it.

Today will be a good one for ya. is FREEZING out and windy and very wintery. The alligators wouldn't like it at all.

Sweet Tea said...

Awwwwwww, "Alligators in the Swamp" - how cute!
Yesterday was a wash for you but today you're off to a much better start, and I'm glad! Sometimes channelling our inner child totally works. I still enjoy riding on a carousel when the opportunity presents itself. ;-)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Happy brand new day. Hope your shoulder is feeling better.

Red said...

You had me on a real downer on the first 3/4 of this post. You really made me smile at the end. Good post for a snowy clod day here.


I'm feeling a little better, so I thought I'd get online and see how everyone is? LOVE your post. LOVE it. The oatmeal looks delish. Love the bit about the toast alligators. Your philosophy is now mine. "When grown-up-girl life gets too much for you, revert to little-girl life."

DearHelenHartman said...

Hope the week has gotten off to a fresh and positive start!

Heather said...

Good thing about waking up to a new day is that it always starts with a clean slate. Glad your Sunday was better than Saturday.

Nezzy said...

How very cute your alligator in the swamp is!!! I may just have to put alligators in our oatmeal in the mornin'. Farm Boy needs a good surprise, gotta keep things mixed up ya know? Heeehehehe!

Hope your havin' a better day sweetie, and I'll send up some big old prayer for those shoulders too!!!

God bless ya and have a fantastically sunny week!!! :o)

From the Kitchen said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I do hope you are having a better day!! It must be very cold in your part of the world. We are having a melt but freezing overnight temps will make tomorrow morning tough going!!