Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feels like winter!

This is how I feel this morning!

Elly flew back from Korea late last night; and although bedtime was at 2:30 am, it was closer to 4 am before I nodded off.  (Over-tired?)
Still, mature, loyal employees (who don't get paid otherwise) rise to the occasion.  After waking late and a quick shower, I walked outside to this:

Minus 10 degrees on the thermometer and minus 19 degrees with wind chill.  There's only one way to deal with lack of sleep and a cold car:  I stopped by Tim Horton's for maple oatmeal -- "With extra milk and a dollop of butter, please!"  
Maple or fruity oatmeal!  Both so delicious!
A crappy start to the day means that extra care needs to be taken during the day to ensure as much joy and happiness as possible for the remainder.  
Well, I've made it through until noon.  So I guess the next move to getting through my work day means a good lunch.  Lunch makes me happy!  And today that mean the joy of  Subway -- a healthy, hot sandwich that someone else has prepared and no dishes to wash!
Gotta run! Successful survival is calling!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are managing and keeping warm. That is very cold indeed. Here we are at 28 degrees right now. I guess that would seem a heat wave to you. Winter does call for some good comfort food for sure. Take care!

Nezzy said...

Glory, I thought our 12 degrees was cold. Not rubbin' it in or anything but it's made it up to 57 this afternoon. Woohoo!!!

What a bummer gettin' up with no sleep. You'll have to pack it in early tonight after treatin' yourself to a warm soak and a good read....and maybe a taste of wonderful chocolate too!!! Mmmmmmm

God bless and have a good nights rest sweetie!!! :o)

Sweet Tea said...

You needed that oatmeal to "fire up your engine"! Can't imagine that sort of "cold". I'm waaaay to wimpy for those temps. Beautiful, sunny, mild day, here in Louisiana - no oatmeal needed for me.

DearHelenHartman said...

HOW Cold did you say?? Oh, my, this southern girl is shivering just hearing the number even without the minus in front of it. Hope your day warmed up if not outside, then in spirit.

Kathryn Milner said...

Hey Sandy, While you are freezing your butt off, think of me "down under" ....we had 41 deg C last week plus a horrible hot North wind!!!! Would give anything for some icy weather right now! You have great stitching weather...all cosy by the fire. We are just about to head down to Victor of Adelaide's pretty coastal town.....maybe a little surf and sand!


You poor dear. We do what we must to make a buck, so we can pay the bills. Go to bed early tonight. Catch up on your ZZZ's. I did NOT know that Tim Horton's had maple oatmeal. Now I do. YUMMY! You know where I'm going tomorrow. LOL It is a tad bit chilly there where you are, if you ask me. BUNDLE up, stay warm. Take care.