Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Healthy New Year

Life is slowly returning to it's normal flow.  My 21 yr old daughter is busy with college projects; both my international students are back; there's a backlog of laundry downstairs and long hair is once again clogging up the sink and bath strainers.  Ahhhh!  Home!
One of the advantages of students arriving or coming back from vacation is that they do sometimes bring you back a gift from their foreign country.  I love receiving things from other countries!    And so far, I've found that when it comes to presentation and packaging, the Koreans are tops.  
Look at this beautiful box:  green and gold; paisley and embossing. I thought Wow!  This must contain some precious object.

And it does.  But not the type of precious object I expected.
Lying there resplendent in their gold lining are 3 bottles of Super Omega3 capsules.  (When Elly first arrived, her Mom sent me a jar of very expensive night cream.)  And from what I've heard, the Koreans produce some of the best pills, herbal remedies, vitamins and beauty products that can be found on the globe.
As you may already know, Super Omega3 contains essential fatty acids and have a plethora (isn't that a great word!) of health benefits, among them - lowering the risk of colon cancer, reducing the risk of psychotic disorders (That's a relief  'cause I sometimes wonder about myself!) and improving heart health (another concern of mine).  
To buy a quality product like this in Nova Scotia would be fairly expensive, and I think there's probably a 3-4 month supply here!  But what impresses and delights me most is that my student's Mom thinks about my overall health and skin care.  What thoughtful gifts indeed!
This is a great addition to getting back on track with my health and exercise regime; next purchase for me will be some super green supplements for my morning smoothie.
Do you take supplements?  What do you take and how often?  Any recommendations?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Occasionally I do take a multi vitamin, but I'm not good at remembering to always do that. More and more I've heard that they aren't necessary, but for most of my life I've done so and have remained quite healthy so I won't be changing that habit. I try to get my Omega 3 in eating tuna and salmon, but I'm not always good at that either...thank you for the reminder. I'm thinking it's a good day to make some tuna salad for lunch. Have a fantastic Friday!

bj said...

What a beautiful box...

Yep, I am olden and have to take vitamins..ones for olden people...and Omega 3 for the heart health. I have to be careful and take it "just right" or it will make me a little sick at my tummy.

Thanks so much for stopping by...
xoxo bj

Terra said...

The presentation is so gorgeous it is worthy of a crown with diamonds. It is very good of the mom in Korea to think of your health.
All I take is one multivitamin, two calcium and one low dose aspirin a day. The omega supplements do sound helpful.

Nezzy said...

Oh honey, do I take supplements??? I have my mulit, calcium, vit d, vit.E, Omega3, magnesium, extraC...I'll stop there. I'm kinda of a health nut.

When I took a nutritional cookin' class in college we cooked and filled the table with everything we'd have to eat to meet our daily nutritional requirements. I was blown away, there was no way one human being could pack away that much food.

What a lovely box. I thought maybe...wonderful chocolates but I'd never in a million years guessed Omeags...the gift that keeps on givin'!!! Heeehehhe!

Gee even those containers look exquisite!

It does my heart good to see the joy these students bring into your life.

God bless and have a fabulous weekend friend!!! :o)

Pamela Gordon said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Lovely presentation box too. I take vitamin B 50 Complex, C,D and E as well as NutraSea fish oil for heart and head! I'm afraid I've missed most every day for the past 2 weeks though. I must get back on track next week. Have a super weekend!


I never knew that the Koreans produce some of the best pills and herbal remedies. GORGEOUS packaging, indeed. What a thoughtful, lovely gift. I must admit to you that I take nothing. I hate swallowing pills. But my hubby has followed a real regiment of daily supplements for years. Says that is why he has retained his youthful appearance. And I haven't. OUCH. LOL I eat lots of salmon, fresh fruits and veggies, though. Every little bit helps.