Monday, June 1, 2009

Tag You're It!

Last week, Cassie at Junk-Fest got tagged by Lanette at Cottage Elements. This game of tag asks you to post "Six Things About Me?" and then tag 6 other people. I think that's a great idea; so, I hope neither of them mind my stealing the idea and using it. (They're probably really nice bloggers who like to share!)

Six (Amazing and Informative) Things About Me (that will enlighten & enrich your life --- ahh NOT!!!)

1. I need to lose 10 lb -- well okay, 15 lb --- alright, alright, 20 lb! But I WANT to lose 10 lb. (And even that is proving to be really, really difficult.)

2. I'm a born-again Christian. Yeah, I know; sometimes my language and thoughts may not reflect what is considered by some to be appropriate for a good Christian girl! But I don't slander God -- no never, never, never! And He loves me just the way I am; as a matter of fact, He created me with this warped sense of humor. So, in the words of that age-ole song, "I gotta be me" --- while being mindful of honoring Him.

3. I grew to love my ex-husband again after we divorced. Not in the carnal sense as I once did, but as a dear, dear friend for whom I only wanted the very best. I finally learned to accept him (and he with me), and we were both really happy to be able care for one another again -- from a distance!

4. I quite often drive myself crazy with my incessant singing. My kids all say "Mom, do you have a song for everything?" (because everything reminds me of a song & , of course, I immediately begin to sing it). And YES, I do have a song for everything. I can't help it -- they just come to mind, and then to mouth! But after 54 years, when I sometimes catch myself singing something, I'll gently say to me "Shut up, Sandy". But 2 minutes later, I'm singing again! So, again I say "Shut up!" (a little more forcefully this time). But no, a few minutes later, I'm singing again! No matter how many times I tell myself to stop singing, it just doesn't work. So, apparently, I can't shut up!

5. I have several secret stashes of good quality chocolate all over my house. (Refer back to #1 at the top regarding the difficulty of losing 10 lb. AND do you think these 2 are related?) My kids know this, but I'm really, really good at hiding it! And to be honest, they're pretty respectful of it being MY CHOCOLATE. (Plus, they do know that when they really crave it, I CAN share - albeit somewhat reluctantly & my choice as to what particular chocolate I can part with at that time.)

6. I will only trim my fingernails in private. You see, I use nailclippers .... and I have little or no strength in my left hand. So, after I clip the nails on my left hand using my right hand, I move the clippers to my left hand in order to clip the nails on my right. (Are you still with me? Have I lost anyone yet?)

Anyway, in order to get enough force to press down on the clippers, I have to use my forehead. Yes people, you heard me right - I use my forehead to assist my left hand in the pressing down of the clippers! It's finally out there in all it's embarassing glory.

I'm not sure how long I've done this; probably since I first stopped biting my nails (somewhere around age 15) and began to trim my nails myself. And you know, I wasn't even aware that there was anything odd with how I trimmed my nails until my ex-husband and my little sister (who was living with us) pointed it out to me --- while laughing uproariously! AND they never let me forget it.
Yes, bloggy friends -- I'm a closet clipper!

So, now it's your turn. I'm tagging the following bloggers; reveal six things that we may not know about you .... and for my sake, PLEASE include at least one embarassing thing!

2. Teena in Toronto at It's all about me!

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6. Lisagh at Grosgrain Garage



Barbara said...

This is fun. I'll post mine tomorrow.

wendy said...

That is funny --I am trying to visualize you using your forehead to clip your nails. Stashed chocolate eh ---and I love to sing and sing and sing as well. I too can grab a song for any occasion. (is that a Canadian thing, teehee)
thanks for the tag----I'll try and get to it my dear

Carmen Gamble said...

I saw this theme over at Rollercoaster Days and popped over here to see yours. My Dad used to get mad at me for singing in the car on one of those long, torturous Sunday drives. He thought I was doing it to drive him nuts...I wasn't even aware I was doing it! Fun list!

Teena in Toronto said...

Nice to know more about you ...

I'll have to think about this one :)