Monday, June 8, 2009

Thrifting may be dangerous to your health!!

My Saturday morning was spent at what will probably be the last BIG yard sale in this area for this summer -- the annual SHAID Animal Shelter yard sale. They collect for 2 months before the event, and people have been known to line up on the big day just to get in. You have to battle some large crowds and you really need to be a trooper and be prepared to constantly watch people walking by with "the big one that got away" (sob sob)!!

It's held at our exhibition grounds in the large arena; there are specific sections for specific items (so you can narrow your search and choose your agenda re your plan of attack). They have large furniture, small appliances, lighting, tools, linens, plants, clothing, china & glass, sports, toys, Xmas, books, and lots and lots of general junk!! I brought my eco-friendly and super sturdy cloth shopping bags and made 3 separate trips back to the car (just to save my poor shoulders!).

Where did I go first? Why, the garden section, of course!!

Awesome Treasures for the Garden &/or Deck:

Total cost = $4.00

For the House:

The entire yellow cannister set cost me = $1.00! (with just 2 minor chips on the lips of the lids)and the little blue, bling clock = $2.00

A wonderful old bottle brush Xmas cane (like my Grandma had) Cost = $2.00

For love of my culture and home province Newfoundland
("I stand on guard for thee" -- and all thy cheerful, cheap parphenalia)

Total cost = $1.00

Library Necessities:

The book cost me 25 cents. (Do I catalogue this reading material under educational, self-help or medical?)

And this lovely brand new brown "Library chair" = $5

And for ME:

Because my worth is Priceless!!
even though I only paid $6.50

This weeeeeee little pursey for $2.00! How could I resist? I mean -- look at it! It's adorable.And I'll just use it for church -- a hankie, cell phone, lipstick and offering envelope -- what more does a holy girl need to look tres chic!

Hands up who has enough shoes?? Not me! Not me!

A great pair of sandals for $3.00

And to celebrate my love of shoes, this little green one on the right cost me 25 cents ... and it looks wonderful on the shelf next to my existing gold be-jewelled mule on the left .... both of which are flanked by my praying angel.

(She's praying for more shoes!!)

And lastly ....

I believe everyone needs at least one pair of Elton John glasses in their wardrobe; a steal at $1.00. You never know when that perfect karoke moment will arise.

(Am now searching for Elton's shoes! Keep your eyes open for me, huh!)

Do you feel a little jealous???
Do you remember when rock was young?
Are you waving to that yellow brick road?
Like me, are you now a less-than Tiny Dancer?

Goodbye all my Norma Jeans!!

Happy thrifting!!


Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! You got some good stuff! The yard sales here just have crap :(

Anita said...

What a great haul!!! I need to come to some of the yard sales in your area! I love the glasses the best...although I was torn between the handbag and the glasses!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Looks like you found some great deals! I like the Welcome to the garden sign and the cute yellow canister set. I love finding a good deal!

DUTA said...

Enjoy your little treasures. I like the clock.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your bargain shopping keeps on getting better and better. Everything is cute, nice or useful.
Other peoples junk is very often our treasures for sure.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thanks everyone! We do have some great junk here!

Yeah, the glasses are really a big hit with me. I'm threatening to either wear them grocery shopping with the girls OR when I next sing at church. Wadda think?

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Dang, I gotta get me to one of those thrift sales! You found some really cool stuff!!

Sara said...

Wow, you are an awesome shopper! Love the garden things!

Chuck Dilmore said...

sandals are OUCH! awesome!
also love the dragonfly piece!

but the best are the sunshades with you behind 'em!


Lisa said...

Great buys! I'm partial to the purse and shoes and of course, the Dr. Suess book. I read them all back in the dark ages. Love your blog, I can already tell we share alot of the same interests!

Rebecca said...

I am absolutely amazed! What great finds! The garden stuff are my fav's.

Carrie said...

My, my, you really got some special must be great to have an event like that in your area.

Thrifted Treasure said...

What fantastic finds!! Very jealous of those storks/flamingoes!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

You win the prize for being the bestest shopper ever!