Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I really really like rest and relaxation! Huh? Isn't it great!

There's an old Portugese proverb that reads:
How wonderful it is to do nothing .... then rest afterwards

I try to take advantage of some form of R'n'R daily (and I don't think I even need to mention the positive reasons why it's so necessary). But as I succomb more and more to the blissful enjoyment of doing nothing successfully, I'm finding that I'm not getting anything done! It's invading other important areas of my life and - dare I say it? - yes, even interfering!!! It's seduced me so that I become blind to the many other things that call for my attention!

So, in my pursuit of what is becoming a favorite pasttime, I'm realizing even more the value of keeping lists. Oh, I have no trouble remembering the big things like calling the guy to come clean my gutters or taking the lawn mower in to be fixed or getting Brady here to repair a leaky pipe. But then there are the little things that always need doing; they probably wouldn't cause the house to fall apart but they really should be attended to. And they're so darned easy to forget when you're pursuing your new favorite pasttime! Enter - THE LIST!

I like lists! They help me remember those small things that I want to accomplish. I like starting new lists each season. And I really like posting that list on my fridge and getting to cross off the ones that I've finished.
There's just something about walking into my kitchen after dinner or on a Saturday morning and coming face to face with my formidible adversary named "To-Do List": it calls to this primal woman deep inside me and I become:



"You will be beaten!" I cry with determination and purpose. "You're goin down!"

There's a sense of power and freedom that comes from choosing which one to take on today (or which one ignore for another day). (I am in control of "The List"!) And when I do tackle one, there's the immense satisfaction of watching those chores fall defeated under my mighty hands! There's a swelling with pride that happens as I stand, pen in hand, and the "red line of death" is drawn through yet another foe on that list! Ha-Ha!!! There's a further growing sense of pride and yet more power as I note the previous fallen. And I get a renewed sense of purpose and power as I plan my next battle strategy.
Then finally, when that list is nothing but a mess of red lines, when I am the victorious conqueror .......................
I even keep the list on the fridge so I can gloat over my victories!
Unlike other warriors and superheros who specialize in one basic power and dress to advertise this (ie Superman, Spiderman, Elasto-girl), my powers are many and varied (cleaner, painter, builder, gardener, chain-saw wielder). My powers can morph and grow (and weaken) and, therefore, my uniform changes. (I could use a good cape though!)

So, without further ado, here's my Summer To-Do List as at today:

  1. Get replacement batteries for solar lights
  2. Stain all 3 decks
  3. Repaint the lawn and/or deck furniture
  4. Sand down front door and repaint. Install window if $$ will allow
  5. Gravel for lower driveway
  6. Rehang mirrors in living room and dining room
  7. Strip, sand down and paint desk and hutch
  8. Thorough cleaning of both bedrooms for fall students arrival
  9. Clean siding by side entrance
  10. Build raised bed for Forsythia bush et al at lower drive
  11. add to list as necessary

Then there's the list of R'n'R things that I want to accomplish. But I daren't print that off 'cause I know it'll sneak it's way over the top of the above To-Do List and I'll never get anything accomplished!

Well, except for having a good time!!

But then, I don't need a list for that!

What's on your list, my bloggie friends?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My do list seems to have less and less on it. It's summer and weekends were meant for relaxing. Weekdays are work days and that leaves me time for little else.
Yours isn't to awfully bad. Like you say you can pick and choose what you want to do. Here at work they don't let me choose at all.

Rebecca said...

I'm a hUGE "believer" in lists. Without them, I pretty much flounder. And I've tried to put to-do lists on Google Calendar application, I really have! But I'm still very much a paper and pencil person. Nothing seems to work as well for me. And then I like to keep the lists to remind me how much I've accomplished! It's hard to throw away a cross-off list!

aliceinparis said...

I love lists too. Just making one gives you a feeling of accomplishment!
"How wonderful it is to do nothing .... then rest afterwards" this is the second time I've read this this week. Hmm.....

Teena in Toronto said...

I tend to keep mental to-do lists. I don't want too many things on that list this summer.