Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Suzann from The Olive Cottage gave me 5 words today to talk about.


1. Friendship

So important!! It's true that some friendships are for certain seasons of our lives -- young, single girl; new mother; toddler mom; etc. I've been able to roll with the seasons most of the time; some friends have been left behind and yet some have come full circle back into my life. (How wonderful that is!) And there's one friendship that fell apart only to be rebonded a few years later even stronger and more caring than before ... all because of forgiveness and acceptance. The mercy of God is good!

Alas, I'm in the process now of leaving some friendships behind because we're moving in different directions. Ohhh! It's difficult! It hurts! But in many ways, I think it's an extention of the aging process -- of simplifying my life and focusing on what is positive! Forward ho!! (Sob, sob!)


2. More

Is "more" good or bad?

More sleep, more fruit and veg, more free time, more exercise, more love, more friends, more laughter, more money, more shopping, more chocolate --- these are good things!

More greed, more junk food, more TV, more ME-ALL-ME, more money, more shopping, more chocolate -- these are bad things!

See some things in both categories? Well, I guess my attitude is that in some things, more needs to be tempered with moderation. But you all already know that! I'm preaching to the choir!


3. Blogging

The first thing that comes to mind is friendship; next is like-minded community; after that, an outlet and a forum to speak; and then, of course, there's laughter and encouragement and amazement and prayer. Where else can you find so many people willing to listen to your mindless drivel or your moaning?

Another wonderful thing about blogging is that we have time to choose what we say (rather than blurt out those foot-in-mouth comments); and we also get to choose whom to follow and how often we visit (without making a nusiance of ourselves or being told to "Go home! You have cooties!").

Are we online stalkers??

4. Loyalty

To God, family, friends, country and my boss -- really important! To a particular brand of cereal, mascara, musician or TV show -- an individual but a not so important choice.


5. Home

A place where my kids hang out and fill it with noise and bread crumbs and empty milk cartons and wet towels and doors left open and laughter!
A place full of love and frustration and love and anger and love and tears and love and love and love and ..... so many shoes!! (OMG! There are 4 full-time women in residence; one occasional and one still hanging on! You can't imagine the shoes!!)
A God given place of sanctuary and blessing, where the moment I open the front door, I feel relief.
A place with a garden of earthly delights; a place where God is present all the time and at the same time, there's a special, secret place to meet with him. A place where the fast-food counter ir right next to the gourmet diner! A place that I'm always organizing .... and can never find things! A comfortable, warm, pretty place where friends are always welcome and there's enough for everyone.
A place I love!


Nezzy said...

So more chocolate is a bad thing? Oops, my bad!

Great comments on the words your were given. Thanks for sharing more of you.

Have the best day and God bless!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You had a fabulous five there today! More chocolate can never be bad.

Anna said...

I agree!!Your posts are always so great!Thank you.

talesNtypos said...

So many shoes? Amen. :)

lynn'sgarden said...

And I bet all those shoes are of different sizes so no swapping! See, all your wonderful definition of the 5 words and I focus on the shoes...typical female! Really, love them all, Sandy! And the on-line stalker..what a hoot!

Entrepreneur Chick said...

I enjoy reading you because even though we have the same value system (Oh, I'm a big King James girl) you are so much different than me and I am learning new things I haven't thought of on my own. I like that very much.

Terra said...

I enjoyed your Five, and I also posted on my blog about my own Five, this week.
This is an entertaining game and so easy to play.