Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I don't wanna dream this dream!!!

I've been waking up the past 3 mornings feeling soooooo tired. And now I know why.

You know how sometimes when you wake in the morning, your latest dream is RIGHT THERE! so, you can remember in great detail what you were dreaming. That happened to me this morning. The dream was so vivid! So, here it is.

I'm in this house with my extended family (mom, dad, brothers) as well as a few friends. My friend's Mom has Altzheimer's and I've brought her back into the house to have dinner. She comes back calmly enough, but she doesn't take off her shoes: her feet are huge and she's left muddy footprints all over the clean carpet.

I desperately want to clean them up immediately, so I begin to sprinkle water on them and blot them. But my brother makes me go back to eating dinner. I keep fearfully looking at that mud thinking "That's gonna leave a stain!!!" But miraculously, the water I sprinkled on them seem to lift the mud right out!

Then later, I decide to vacuum the room but the vacuum becomes clogged. I open it up only to find that there isn't a bag in it and there's a mass of dust and hair etc stuck to the inside which must be pulled out before I can put in a vacuum bag. As I'm complaining while I'm doing this, my brother answers the door; and "company" comes. Again, I'm torn between finishing my cleaning job and sitting with the company!

So, wadda think, doctor? Should I stop cleaning my house entirely until I'm cured? (Yeahhhh!!!) Or is there something deeper going on??


Suburban Princess said...

Wow! Maybe you just feel you have a lot to accomplish and keep getting pulled away from it?

Thanks for entering my giveaway btw!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you have a fear of people coming into your home and leaving a mess.

I often wonder if my dreams have any real meaning. There is one dream I have not dreamed in a long time it is where I am falling. It use to happen a few times a week. Maybe that is why I don't want to go sky diving.

Have a great day!

Frippery said...

Those crazy early morning dreams! Maybe you are trying to find balance between spending time with those you love and spending time doing things you feel need to get done, like house cleaning. So drop that vacuum and live, girl! Haha, I think this is a universal dilemma for us. Hugs, Pam

Wanda said...

Just step back from the pressures that come along with life that are soiling your spirit and leaving an empty feeling...and open yourself to the enjoyment more of living in the moment with family and friends...sounds good to me...good excuse for not cleaning the house!

C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson said...

Sounds to me like you are torn between your family/friends and getting your house in order. Priorities are a funny thing...you must put them in order to have serenity. If you can afford it, hire a house keeping team to come in for one day and do a thorough cleaning. It's a no-brainer that you need to concentrate on your family and friends and not your house. It has taken a lot of years for me to realize (I'm older than you) that people come to see YOU not your house.

It also sounds like you have a wonderful brother who is guiding you to the correct path. Listen to him.

I love your blog title!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've heard it is important to pay attention to your dreams, but I'm no good at diagnosis. It does sound like it involves cleaning, but then there are different types of that too. Hope it goes away and you get some sleep. I know I'm a mess when I don't get my sleep. 'On Ya'-ma

Nezzy said...

Hey girlfriend, feelin' a little overwhelmed are we? I have just the ticket for you.

Pop a couple bon-bons ya know the rich chocolate ones chased by the strongest beverage you have in the house. Now, go take a long bubble bath with soft music,(Kenny G ) and light a scented candle while the girls prepare dinner for you. I also prescribe they clean up while you pop in a movie you have been dying to see but have not had the time.

Hit the hay right after the movie (please brush your teeth first) and have sweet,sweet dreams. Good night friend.

roy/elisabeth dean said...

That's weird! A cleaning dream, huh? I used to love reading books on dreams and how to decipher them, but was never good at putting it to task. My first response would be to let your house go and enjoy time with family/friends, but I have a feeling the dream would continue. So....carve out some time to get some major cleaning done. Enlist help if you need to. Maybe once you get this part of your life organized the way you want it, your dreams can be filled with chocolate cheesecake, strawberries and chilled wine, all served to you by various band members of the Eagles while they seranade you with their soft tunes, (but not Joe Walsh, he's just icky...and not Don Henley, he's mine). Basically you will be seranaded by Glenn and Timothy, sorry. Maybe we can find you another band.
Take good care~

Teena in Toronto said...

I don't remember my dreams very often. Last night, though, I dreamed that my friend, Leanne, was going to school to learn how to do artificial insemination to animals. Huh??!!

Sara said...

Dream? Sounds more like a nightmare to me! Time to train your brain to dream of some hunky man hand feeding you chocolates while you lounge in the bath with a glass of wine.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

You guys are so great! And so smart! You're absolutely right. So, the cleaning will be put to one side and I'll indulge in a little relaxation with baths and good books and some good chocolate (or cheesecake ..... or chocolate cheesecake!!) and dreams of hunky men feeding me grapes!

You made me laugh so much!