Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thank you to everyone who analyzed the odd dream I had the other night. I took your advice to heart. And I have already gotten rid of my to-do list (you know, the one I made up at the beginning of the summer that sits on my fridge reminding me of ALL the things that DIDN'T get done). And I have every intention of leaving the large cleaning projects that still lurk in the back of my mind (and whisper to me in dark, menacing tones to get off my hiney you *@#&!*), and replace what would be those projects with bubble baths & red wine & country drives & dark chocolate & good books!

(I ain't got no dark, hunky guy unless I bake me a giant gingerbread man --- which I haven't yet ruled out!!)

I had a lovely bubbly bath the other night; I started a good book yesterday. And today, I've been practicing the fine art of self-indulgence by shopping for some pretty yet totally useless items! (Well, not everything was useless.)

I've been looking all summer for a plain pink shirt to go with a pair of grey pants I bought at a local thrift store. (They have very light & subtle darker grey and pink stripes in them and are perfect for this time of year.) I headed to Frenchies -- and this time, I lucked in! Here's my new-to-me pink shirt -- complete with wrinkles. I'll give it a wash and an iron, and we're ready to go! It made me very happy to find this!

I also found this sweet little brown sweater (complete with it's wrinkles!).
And this nice blouse. (It's supposed to have wrinkles!) Each of these 3 items were $3.45 each.

I'm always on the lookout for decorating goodies, and I was really happy to be able to scoop up these next things. One wall of my downstairs hallway is my "art gallery". In the winter, I replace one of the pictures with a seasonal one. Today I found 2 more ($3 each) to put up this year.

Then I found this adorable little snowman that I can sit in the flowerbox outside. He was only $1!!

I bought this little item for $0.50; I'm going to add it to my Christmas village; and I think it's perfect for a me because I live on what's called "The Lighthouse Route" here in Nova Scotia.

This item is brand new -- still in the cellophane -- for $2. I'm going to give it to my daughter at Christmas because she often has friends over for dinner; and I think she and her friends would get a kick out of playing it.

I also got this book (0.85 cents).

And this paperback sounded good as well.

And for all you rooster lovers out there - EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT! Look at this lovely little prize I found --- and then look at the price!

Ahhhhh .... there's nothing like a successful and thrifty shopping trip. YUP! I think there'll be sweet dreams tonight!


wendy said...

You are a great thrift shopper indeed. but it is sooooo rewarding to find neat things and not have to pay the big $$$$$ for them. WAY TO GO.
Hey, forget the "to do list" it'll get done, make yourself a new list of things to do "that would pamper and spoil me".
wouldn't that be so much more fun

Connie said...

Great are the queen of thrift! I have missed yard sale-ing and thrift-ing this year because of health issues. But I am doing better now and hope to make up for lost time, ha.

Nezzy said...

OK, stand up. Are you standing?? I now crown you the Queen Of Thrift. Wonderful finds ya have there. I'm just a little envious( turnin' green as weathered copper here) of your snowmen finds. I collect snowmen and leave them out until spring overcomes winter.

Enjoy your goodies and have a great evening!!!

Wanda said...

You really got some bargains Sandy...I have those exact Christmas prints that I am to frame myself...I will use yours as an example.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's always good to slow down abit and relax. This time of year we start doing that anyway it seems as there is not as much going on outdoors. I loved seeing all your bargain finds. The rooster plate especially.

Lisa said...

I loved reading about your finds and what a lovely journal you have! Wow that blouse is so cute and look at the rooster plate!! Love it!!
Have a great day! I'm sure I'll stop by in the future!
Lisa in Kentucky

Marie said...

Wow what a lovely lot of boodle you found! I just love the Rooster plate, and at what a great price as well! My mom always shops at Frenchies and has gotten some lovely things there.

C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson said...

Isn't finding bargains the greatest thrill? I especially love your rooster plate. I always look forward to your postings.