Monday, September 14, 2009

Perhaps I Don't Sing as much as Hum??

Nan at asks "What are you doing to make your home sing?"

Making your house sing is, I believe, mostly an attitude of "home"; one of contentment, safety and love. No matter how grand or how humble the abode, if you care for your home and for the people living there, the song can be heard by all who enter in.

When we take the time and care to embelish our house with things that we love, things that bring us joy, things that remind us of friends or happy memories -- these extras are like accompaniments to the song.

There!! I've waxed philosophical on the subject when probably most of you out there are saying "Alright! Enough already! Shut up and show us what you're doing!!"

This framed piece of embroidery was done by a lovely friend of mine. And it reminds me of God's goodness in all things and that no matter what the circumstances, He's working it all out for my good. And if I can give Him thanks during the bad and the good times, I can have peace and joy. And this certainly makes my house sing!

This past weekend, I decorated for autumn; I don't go all out, but I do like to add some color and little shows of festivity to the house.

Here's my happy little harvest scarecrow! Another good friend gave him to me a couple of years ago for my birthday.

My table is decorated simply. The pretty acorn plate was given to me on another birthday by that same friend!

Here are a couple of lucky thrift store finds. The wicker plate stand I found just last week at Frenchies for $6.00. The beautiful bowl on the second tier was found last year at Frenchies for $4.00. I add some autumn themed napkins and some Chinese lanterns and fake pumpkins, and I'm finished here.

Outside in the garden, I've moved my gernamiums down by the welcome sign. They're some of the few things still blooming.

A pumpkin and some beautiful mums were added to the bottom of the front steps.

And this little fellow is sitting in my planter at the top of the steps with the sad remains of my petunias! I'll add some small gourds this week.

I bought a small Chinese Lantern plant at a road-side sale this spring which I potted in a container. It did beautifully; so this weekend, I planted it at the top of the driveway in a spot where it can grow to it's hearts content and greet visitors as they arrive. How pretty it is!


Darla said...

Very nice.. It looks like you have just the right amount of color!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love your simple decorations... I used to go all out much more than I do now. I will have the family in for Thanksgiving dinner so I'll be trying to make it look really nice for that...thankfully we don't have Thanksgiving til near the end of November. I don't decorate a lot for Christmas anymore as one of my son's has the family dinner then at his house. I have Japanese lanterns too but haven't looked lately to see if there are any lanterns there yet. They are a favorite of mine.

Tracey said...

Precious decorations! Love the wicker plate stand and how you have it decorated!

momstheword said...

I love your decorations, very pretty and you got some great deals!

You are so right, being thankful changes us on the outside and the inside. It puts us in a different frame of mind and makes everything easier because we are trusting in the Lord instead of ourselves.

If you want I can tell you how to do a link so that you can link to a page instead of having to type out the whole http address. Let me know if you're interested, it's really easy and you can link to any word you want to.

Thank you for joining us today!

Nezzy said...

I love that your house is singing His praises. I do little seasonal touches as the seasons change, not much...until....CHRISTMAS! Yep, this chick goes all out at Christmas. I sing, I sing all the time, I don't know how Hubby takes it. Thank for the kind birthday wishes. Enjoy your day!!!

Wanda said...

My house sings my I try to keep it happy!

PhilipH said...

A charming post, and lovely photos. That little straw-haired doll has a cheeky face! Super dooper.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I'm out the door as soon as I comment :) Your post inspires me to get a few autumnal items out where they can be seen. Now!

Yours are WONDERFUL. Your house and yard are singing "Autumn".

As for your dreams, hmmmmmm. Recurring? I find as I write them out in detail, I sometimes become clearer about the message contained in them. Did YOU get any clarity as you typed?

The Real Me! said...

OH I love your autumn decorating!! The scarecrow in the first picture is so cute!! Great job! I think I hear some humming! LOL

Marie said...

I am loving all your autumn decorations!!! Very nice!