Saturday, September 19, 2009


It was Friday when I sat down here to catch up with some of my bloggie friends. But here it is, after midnight (so it's technically Saturday); and I come across Pink Saturday.

So, I look around me to see what's pink so I can participate.

Tomorrow the girls and I will be up early because we're going on a day trip. So, like the good girl I am, I've laid my clothes out tonight so the hour I would possibly spend in the morning deciding on what to wear can be spent much more effectively with the newspaper and a good cup of coffee.

Now, which of these earrings should I wear? I'm leaning towards the tear-drop shaped ones because the bling will pick up on the sparkle in the lace detail of my shirt. And casual Saturday or not -- I loves me a little bling!

I have 5 countries represented in my house tonight (and in my car tomorrow) -- Germany, Mexico, Japan, China and, of course, Canada! Those other countries sound like they're still in meeting (quietly); but Canada's getting mighty sleepy on this side of the senate!
So, as soon as I finish this post, I'll be lying my head on this pretty pillow.

But before I drift off to sleep, I'm going to turn on the fan (for white noise), put my ear plugs in (for extra insurance), and spritz my pretty little face with this exquisite stuff. My masseuse uses it just before she begins with the face massage. So, that will set the mood for a lovely, relaxing sleep.

Good night everyone! Pleasant dreams!


DUTA said...

Pink is considered the color of health; so, wear it as often as you can.

RainGardener said...

What a cute post!!! Love the earrings - we all need a little bling. You started my Saturday with a chuckle and lately that's just what I've needed. Oh and I love the title of your blog!
Thanks so much for coming to visit my place and I hope you'll be back after I get up to speed again.

Teena in Toronto said...

That's a lotta pink :)

Nezzy said...

Go for the bling girlfriend, they shout YOU! Sounds like such a fun and interesting day trip tomorrow,keep us updated.

Your last comment on my blog absolutely cracked me up. I laugh every time I need a giggle. I think we could be dangerous together.

Have a super day tomorrow and shine on Bling Sister, shine on!!!

Nezzy said...

OOps, meant to say,"I read it every time I need a giggle. Did ya know I'm blond??? LOL!!!!

Anna said...

Nice post,indeed!I love roses water.Keep us updated about your trip!Ciao!

PhilipH said...

If you're in the pink you're in good health: stay in the pink!

Entrepreneur Chick said...

SO excited to follow your blog~ I loved reading it!

>It's too late now, as it's Sat. night already, but yes, I liked the ear rings with the bling- the pair shaped on the right. Good choice. A girl must bling.

Wanda said...

Love your pink Sandy!