Friday, September 11, 2009


Autumn is my 2nd favorite season! And here are some reasons why I love it.

1. The love the sense of order and organization that autumn brings. Children are back in school, vacations are mostly taken, gardens are finishing, and winter is around the corner. So, most of us began to think about getting things in order at home and in the garden (we sweep & mop & rake); we begin to think about schedules and rotes (we write in the calendar blocks who has what practice or meeting on which night); we eagerly anticipate the return of our favorite TV programs (Wed night at 9 is America's Next Model; CSI at 9 on Thurs night?).

2. I love the cool nights. After summer's heat, being able to leave the window open at night and wear pj's at the same time is a treat!

3. Of course, I love the colors of fall -- the changing of the leaves; the displays of fall mums next to pumpkins and cat tails; taking down the sea shell wreath on my front door and putting up the one with the Chinese lanterns on it; bringing out the autumn tablecloths and placemats and napkins.

4. I love that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. September is the transition month between summer freedom and autumn organization; by the end of September, I'm decorating for Thanksgiving; and after Thanksgiving, I can begin to think about Christmas . Plus, my birthday always falls around Canadian Thanksgiving; and no matter what my age, I still love a celebration. (I've got a lovely present tucked away for myself already! But I must wait until October 10th!!)

5. I love the smells of autumn! Just walk through the Farmer's markets here in Nova Scotia and the scent of apples is intoxicating! My 2 students are amazed that there are so many varieties of apples; and I'll try over the next couple of months to eat some of every kind. And people begin to light their wood stoves or fireplaces again; so as you walk in the evening, you can smell the woodfires.

6. I love the tastes of autumn! Savory squash soups or spicy chilli bubbling on the stove top with hot corn bread or buttermilk rolls; pumpkin muffins or apple crisp baking in the oven; hot cocoa or chai tea after raking the leaves. Autumn truly is a season of wonderful cooking!

7. I love the seasonal change of wardrobe! It's time to pack away the summer clothing and bring out the winter -- sleeveless shirts and shorts or cotton skirts make way for short sleeves and cardigans with trousers and jean skirts. I love pulling out the storage bags under my bed and taking inventory and then hanging things in my closet according to category and then color. I get a deep feeling of satisfaction from being able to color-coordinate my new Frenchies cordoroy skirt for instance with that recent blouse purchase from Value Village. ***

"Nice outfit!" I say with a smile.
"Good purchase!" I congratulate myself.
(Thrifter's encouragement to keep on searching for that next great bargain!)

8. And though this may sound pathetic to some, I'm making no apologies for my feelings!
....................... I love the great ceremonial
"Changing of the Purse!"

I just love purses; and winter purses are my favorites. Summer is full of light fabrics or basket weaves, beiges or pastels. Autumn brings out the genuine leather ones with their soft, velvety exteriors and heady aromas, their deep crimsons or chocolatey browns. (Ohhh! I can't wait to open my birthday gift!!)

9. I love the harvest festivals and church suppers that happen in Autumn.
Nearby Mahone Bay has a wonderful Scarecrow Festival that happens the first weekend in October. We grab a home-made ice cream or (if it's really cool) a hot steamy latte and wander through town looking at all the wonderful scarecrow creations; there's a stop at Joanne's Deli to see her display of jack-o-lanterns (fantastic); and a final stop for pizza with the rest of the international students and their host families.

And then there are the fantastic suppers with baked beans, scallopped potato and ham with home-made brown bread and fresh pies. And someone else does the dishes!
10. And I love that after Thanksgiving has been put back on the shelf, Christmas is around the corner!!!

I love the anticipation that grows within me. I love that I can pull those boxes and bags out from under my bed and see what I've already bought for whom (and perhaps begin wrapping). I can begin to compose my annual Xmas letter and start addressing my cards maybe before the rest of civilization really begins to get in the Xmas swing. (These things are all done -- or anticipated as being done -- so that I can be ahead of the game THIS year and actually have time and energy to relax and enjoy Xmas THIS year. (The best laid plans of mice and men!!)

And I can begin to listen to Xmas music. And I love that I can soon buy a fir wreath and hang it on the door and be greeted by that scent every morning as I leave for work and every evening as I arrive back home.



Teena in Toronto said...

I love autumn too!

A human kind of human said...

Sounds exciting. Of course we are preparing for summer but this year summer arrived one day after winter. One day it was cold and the next we were sweating it out in 30 degree temperatures. This is not uncommon for SA. We do not have a real autumn or spring. You share your birthday with my sister and this year I am planning to spend her birthday with her. We do not often see one another as we live far apart but we are very close - regularly on the phone. Enjoy your autumn and I am so envious of the colour change you experience. We do not really have that in our part of the woods.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did some of that closet exchange yesterday as I had a vacation day and couldn't go anywhere as they took all day to service my car so I was stuck at home. I love purses too and it is time to change that too. Our Thanksgiving isn't til November. But I do start preparing for Christmas before then.

Nezzy said...

I too love Autumn but is strongly dislike winter. I am not comfortable in the cold, do not like taking care of the farm animals below freezing weather, hate the horrific ice storms that come stealing our power for days beyond a week at at time. I do love my sweaters though. Yep, I admit I am a sweaterholic of the worse kind.

Have a very peacefully blessed weekend!!!

Wanda said...

I love the changing of the seasons too Sandy...crisp fall air and sweaters! I agree with everything you said about this time of year, but you are way ahead of me...with thinking of made me smile though!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hello Doris the Great! You are great. Thank you for weighing in on Mr.P! I was just thinking, as I read your comment...wishes on dishes, I feel like Dr. Seuss. Happy fall.

Anna said...

I love summer but reading your nice post made me feel less sad for the end of my favourite season.Thanks.There are good reasons for loving Autumn too.A kiss from Italy.Anna

Tootsie said...

I don't love Autumn...but it is better than winter!!!

PhilipH said...

May and September are the two months where my wife and I try to take a break somewhere. They are, in general, better months than the three 'summer' months, June July August.

I called on you today after reading a comment on another blog where you mentioned the loss of your husband at such an early age, 58 I think it was. That's far too early and very sad.

In April this year my younger brother, Geoff, died of cancer. He was my best friend as well as a dear brother. It seemed so unfair that he should suffer so much, thankfully for a relatively short time, and that his life ended before mine.

I wish you well. Phil.