Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday Pie Making

I had a really nice birthday. Thank you to so many of my bloggie friends who sent me wishes; it's really touched my heart and added to my enjoyment of the day. We took a day trip yesterday to the Valley, so today was designated as pie making day for our slightly early Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. (My daughter will go back to college early on Monday.)
After breakfast this morning, Nadine came downstairs carrying this plate of German candies for me with the happy face candle lit.

Adriana gave me the beautiful pendant. My youngest, Libby, gave me the new remastered CD of The Beatles White Album and the magnetic note pad, and Nadine gave me the book - one that she was reading in German when she first came here and it sounded interesting.

My poor, starving college daughter vacuumed, helped with the pies and did copious amounts of dishes during that time, and gave me lots of love -- good, good gifts for a Mama!! And I'm going to visit my eldest in Toronto in a couple of weeks, and we'll probably do something celebratory then. (I plan on hunting down some fresh cannoli!!)
My students had never made pies before, so they got a hands-on lesson. I'm not sure why the only pics I took are of Adriana. (Floury hands and multi-tasking 3 different pies may have something to do with it. Oh yeah! And I'm 55 now!!) But everyone except my youngest helped with the pie making. It was fun! Baking is never a chore for me!

Here they are, fresh from the oven! But we have to wait until tomorrow to eat them.



(the first time making this one)


(everything from scratch incl the pumpkin; 1st time for this as well)
The girls then decided they'd use the rest for tarts; and Adriana suggested that they simply be creative. So, they pulled out Nutella, peanut and almond butters, chocolate chips & butterscotch chips, and strawberry jam. I sat with my friend Eva and they did the rest! Here's the before picture on the left (looking very interesting indeed); and the after picture on the right (looking very interesting indeed)! (They later tasted very good -- and messy & gooey in some cases!)


My friend Eva gave me birthday gifts as well -- a small pillow that says "It's great to be Queen", a little birthday cake from the supermarket, and this wonderful birthday hat! You can't see it, but there's a huge stand-up candle on the top! So much fun!

I don't know if I told you already but I adore hats! I have a few that I wear in the fall and winter. So, I was really pleased to add this magnificant creation to my collection!
Why, I think I'll wear it to church tomorrow morning! No seriously! I won't keep it on during the service, but I WILL wear it to church!
I am created in His image, remember!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

HAppy, happy, happy birthday! Love the hat and the pies look amazing! Lori

A human kind of human said...

I am so glad you had such a nice birthday. I must admit, your baking skills really amazes me as I cannot bake to save my life. I can cook, but bake?... I even flop instant cakes where you just add the water and eggs.

Marie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday Sandy!! I love the hat!! I am sure it will bring a smile to everyone's face at church today! I wish I could go on a trip to the Valley with you!! Then I could see my mom and kids!! xxoo

Anna said...

I'm still laughing!You are too cool!You had a grat birthday,I'm green of envy.Very good cakes and a wonderful hat!Tell us if you put it on for the church.I can't believe!Ciao.

lynn'sgarden said...

Oh Man, those pies look delish!! Sandy, your girls are ultra thoughtful...lucky mom you! I bet you created alot of grins and hearty laughter with your 'church' hat...Happy Happy!!

knitwit said...

What a great birthday! And I'm jealous of those pies! I love to cook, and I love to bake, but I have no patience for fiddling with pastry, so all my pie recipes have been converted to square recipes! Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a wonderful birthday weekend. The pies look so very good. It always seems to me that it is alot more fun having help when baking. I do like your hat!