Friday, October 30, 2009


On Sunday, Evan's parents took us to a delicious brunch at a place called Epicure on Queen Street. I had the New Orleans burger with hot sauce and mango chutney, Amy had a beef and fig sandwich and the rest had various omlets. I must have been too hungry to remember to take pictures, I guess. But everything was so yummy! And they had amazing coffee too.


Then we all trecked over to the ROM -- Royal Ontario Museum.

This is the ceiling in the old entrance of the ROM. Pretty nice, huh! But I wouldn't wanna clean it!

What a wonderful place! You could spend days in there looking at all the exhibits.


I was thrilled to be able to view The Dead Sea Scrolls. Due to the fragility of the fragments, the lighting was very dim and we weren't allowed to take pictures; but here's something from the Net.***

As a Christian, I found it extremely moving to view these. The documents are both biblical and historical and date from 150 BC to 70 CE. One of the fragments I viewed was from the book of Isaiah; and a Jewish couple next to me were reading it as it was written in the original Hebrew. Wow! There is something that happens when we hear God's word in one of the original languages -- the Spirit of God is made manifest. It was awe inspiring!


We moved from there to the enormous dinosaur exhibit; then on to the insects, birds and the bat cave (which was really cool).

We finished off the day by relaxing at home with pizza and beer and an old movie that I'd never seen - Midnight Cowboy. Now, I realize that it was ground breaking for it's time; but man! That's one strange movie to view in 2009! Dustin Hoffman was fantastic though.
We got up at 6 AM the next morning. While we waited for my taxi, Ami and I tried hard (and unsuccessfully) not to cry. The trip was too short! We didn't even have time to get sick of one another or have a stupid fight!! Boo hoo!
I missed her the moment I got on the airplane and I miss her still. There's like a big hole in my heart!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know the feeling of that saying good bye. So many of my children live far away. It never gets any easier. I too got to see these Dead Sea Scrolls a few years ago. I guess they travel around the world with them.

Suburban Princess said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Where is the bakery you got the macaroons from? I sooo have to get some the next time I am in the city!

Nezzy said...

The structure of the museum is awesome enough but the Dead Sea Scrolls...WoW! Then someone next to you who just happens to be able to read it in its native tongue...WoW! What a ride!!!

I'm so happy you were blessed with this trip. Have a wonderfully spooky fun weekend!!!

Terra said...

That museum has some wonderful exhibits and the exterior architecture is so wild / modern, but the old area has a lovely mosaic ceiling.
The Dead Sea Scrolls take your breathe away, I saw some of them in Jerusalem.
Love the dinosaur photos too.

wendy said...

I love exhibits!!! And those showing off our history is so awe inspiring and humbling.
I am glad you had a good time
and ate good food
and enjoyed good company

Suburban Princess said...

Thanks for the name of the bakery - I googled it and it is right next to the Japanese grocery store I was in a month ago!
I just read a bunch of reviews and most said the macaroons were awful! What did you think of them?

Suz said...

Welcome back
That ceiling is wonderful
glad you had a good time..did you bring your albumns back home...I didn't think so

ethelmaepotter! said...

What a fascinating place! I absolutely adore that ceiling - as a frmer student of architecture, I have immense appreciation for details such as these.