Saturday, October 10, 2009



It's my birthday! And I'm extremely proud to say that I'm 55!! I now qualify for the senior's discount at Zeller's -- and anywhere else I can talk into acknowledging that I deserve an extra break --- just not my hips!!).


Why should I be afraid to tell anyone how old I am? I've made it to this grand age retaining most of my good health, all my own teeth, and my optimistism and sense of humor! I may have lost a few things along the way (like my youthful skin, good looks, physical flexibility ..... and any sense of decorum or dignity I may have ever had); but I've gained so much more (like the beginnings of wisdom, peace and contentment with who I am and what I have, the love of my children and a few very, very good friends ..... and about 25 extra pounds, a good smattering of wrinkles and a head full of "silver threads among the gold"!)


Most women my age don't look forward to having another birthday. But then, most women my age (well, any age) don't buy themselves a gift for their birthday (or Xmas or Mother's Day or Ramadan or Dwali etc etc etc). And most probably wouldn't wrap it and hide it under their bed for 2 or more months until the big day; then excitedly whip it out and rip off the wrappings; and then thank themselves for loving themselves enough to reward themselves with luxurious items that they deserve but wouldn't otherwise buy! (I seldom say "Oh, You shouldn't have!)

Anyway, it's after midnight, so my birthday has arrived as far as I'm concerned. And at this ripe age, you can't take any chances and put things off until later, right? "Today is all we have; tomorrow may never come!" (See -- that's my wisdom talking!!) So, I thought, let's get right to this gift thing!!


I cleansed my face and brushed and flossed. I leaned my poor, old aging body against my bed (and thought longingly of Gordie Tapp and the Ultramatic bed ... sigh!). I took off my orthopedic shoes and my support hose, then removed my double-knit polyester pant suit, my living girdle and my 18 hr bra (which only had 4 min left on it!!) I was pretty tired, and everything fell to the floor (including, sadly, my once voluptuous bosom!)


Quickly! Erase mental image!!!


I put on my floral muumuu and steadied myself as I knelt on my arthritic knees and pulled out a box from under my bed.


"Look at this lovely gift!! It's just what I wanted!! How did I know?"


This is the shell to a Miche handbag. Those 4 dots you see across the front are very strong, earth-friendly magnets -- earth-friendly meaning they won't wipe out your credit cards! Below are the 3 shells which come with them; the magnets hold the shells in place. One purse with 3 different looks! Pretty ingenious, if you ask me. And there are lots more shells that you can choose from.


Here's the handbag with the shells on. I really love the look.


So, enough excitement for right now. It's off to bed for my much needed beauty sleep. There's a whole lot of celebrating to be done tomorrow ... I mean today ... I mean after I get up!!

Oh dear! I get so confused!!


A human kind of human said...

By hook or by crook, I'm the first bloggy to say: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU"! The word for Word Verification on this comment is "lighter" - can you believe it? That is so fitting for you because no matter how heavy the load, once I've read one of your posts, my spirit always feels "lighter". Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your live (I reached in on 19 Sep). You are a big girl now so throw off the "sense of decorum or dignity" and just enjoy the last 30 or so years of your life.

And oh yes, taking of the bra! I find that I have to lean forward when I do that or my poor arthritic knees get a smack they do not deserve!

Love your present, how very clever.

Kelly's Ideas said...

Happy Birthday - love the purse - especially red.


Marie said...

Happy Birthday Sandy!! Lovely handbag and thanks for the laugh! I remember Gordie Tapp!

A Mom on Spin said...

I'm not counting or anything, but that's like three presents instead of one!

Happy Birthday!

DUTA said...

Manny Happy Returns of the Day with the same high spirits, great humour , and lovely presents!

Wanda said...


Your present to yourself is lovely and very-very-very ingenious!

Anna said...

Happy birthday!!I love your new bag,it's an intelligent idea!You changed my day with your post,I was very nervous after work but now I'm smiling!Thank you!Buon compleanno!

knitwit said...

3 purses in one, AND you don't have to reorganize everything when you make the switch! It's the perfect gift!
Happy, happy birthday!

Suburban Princess said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!