Saturday, October 17, 2009


Even if I suck at maneuvering through a corn maze, there's one thing that I excel at -- shopping.

After catching our breath while waiting for the Maze Master, we bought beautiful fruit at the Noggins Farm Market.

Honey Crisp

Red Empress Pears

Then we headed to Port Williams, just a short 10 min drive, to a place I've wanted to visit for a couple of years.

You can buy some of their cheese at the local supermarkets. But look at what else is for sale ONLY at the fromagerie!

A beautiful selection of gelato including flavors like pumpkin, peanut butter and licorice. (They didn't have that one in the display case so I wasn't able to taste it; but I think it sounds divine!)

And this wonderful display of chocolate: dark, milk, covered nuts and fruits. And surprisingly, I didn't succumb!


I saved my $$ for what I came for -- cheese!
I bought Gouda and curd cheese (that you can snack on straight from the little baggie) and a Norwegian cheese called Gejost that my Ex used to bring home from his trips to Norway.

We then went into the Village of Wolfville where we visited a fellow blogger's consignment shop called "Teresa's Closet".

Here's the owner, Brenda. She was very pleasant; she even recognized me from my blog! Hey! I'm a celebrity!!
(Yeah!! Sure!! Enjoy your 15 minutes, Sandy!)

She had lots of lovely clothes and excellent prices; the girls found several t-shirts they liked. (Isn't it great that these foreign students love a bargain almost as much as I do!)

And this was my great find from Teresa's -- a cat cookie cutter for $1! (I'll have to showcase my cookie cutter collection some time!)
We had a quick stop at Tim Horton's to refuel with coffee and hot chocolate. Then it was off to Frenchies in Coldbrook. I mean, really!! You can't drive all the way to the Valley and not visit that Frenchies! It's the largest one in the province! It's part of Nova Scotia's valuable cultural heritage and, therefore, needs to be shared with people from out of province! (And those in province ..... or if it's someone's birthday ..... or if your cat just got neutered ..... or if you had your hair cut or clipped your toenails recently .....)
I found 2 great blouses (which are in the wash so cannot be highlighted at this time). Then I found these three darling little items for 50 cents each! The Xmas tree lifts off its base so you can put a tea light under it.
And these little white bowls -- the perfect size for dips or perhaps my favorite Mocha yogurt!
The poor little teenage girls were worn out by then, so they didn't have the oomph! left in them to find anything at Frenchies; they just wanted to go back home.
HA HA!! I may not be the Maze Master; but I am still the Thrifting Queen in my household!
Long life the Queen!


A human kind of human said...

Generally shopping is a chore to me. I do not like to shop, probably because I can never afford (not a complaint, just a fact) the things I want (expensisive taste - sigh), yet your posts about your shopping trips make me want to go out and BUY SOMETHING! Now I wonder if Hubby would think that is a good idea - lol. Please keep on shopping and posting on it. I get all the retail therapy that I need through you.

Marie said...

Oh Sandy, thanks so much for this lovely visit to the Valley this morning. How homesick you have made me now!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are my kind of shopper for sure. I would love to spend a day trip with you. I love to shop and every now and then I get my daughter to go along with me for a like a day like you did...and definitely no corn mazes for me.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I don't know about that "thrifting queen" title! I might be a strong competitor for it!

I enjoyed every minute, word and picture with you in this post! Too bad you wore those young 'uns out!

Nezzy said...

Hail to Queen Sandy, you ARE the shopping queen. Guess you showed those youngens up. It looked like a great trip. Those little white bowls are fab.

Ya'll have a fun weekend full of blessings!!!

Entrepreneur Chick said...

I loved the cat cookie cutter!

Anna said...

I love shopping too!I loved each photos of your post.Have a very nice day.Bye.

Jen Kershner said...

I have those bowls! And seriously. You made me SO hungry this morning!

DUTA said...

Sandy, You're a very prolific shopper, blogger, traveller.

You've got here stuff for several posts: fruit, cheese, gelato, clothes, household items.. You name it.
And your pictures are "worth a thousand words".

DUTA said...
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