Saturday, October 3, 2009


Time to participate in Pink Saturday.

Because of my purchase today, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite pink jewellery. When I viewed the pictures, some of them look more red than pink. But trust me -- it's all pink!

My purchase today was this long, pink beaded necklace -- just $1 at the Sally Ann! Look at the detail in the second picture ..... Isn't it great that something this pretty can cost you so little!

This bracelet was one of my favorite things to wear this summer. I got it at Value Village for just $1.00!

This brooch was another Value Village find; but it was one of the more expensive items that I've purchased there. I think I paid around $8.00 for it. But it's so beautiful! It almost looks vintage but it isn't!

I bought these Red Hatter earrings at a local drug store a number of years ago -- I think they were only around $3.99. Although the picture shows more red than pink, when they're on your ears, all you see are the pink rhinestones! Very glittery!!!
They're for the Red Hatter wanna-bees -- the under 50 gals! But I still wear them even if I am over 50! After all, isn't that what the "When I am an Old Woman, I shall wear Purple" poem is all about? -- not conforming to society!! (I've yet to sit on the sidewalk and drink gin; I just keep thinking about what that would do to my hemorrhoids!! To say nothing about the fact that I'm not sure I could get back up again!!)

This pretty bracelet and earring set was an "Hola!" gift from my Mexican student, Adriana. It's been a favorite of mine as well.

And lastly, another favorite. I got this inexpensive but lovely pink rhinestone circle pendant at that same drugstore (Pharmasave have really nice jewellery sometimes); cost about $5.00.


Happy Pink Saturday everyone! And don't forget -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Be really pink this month and book your mammogram and do your own breast check!


Deborah said...

The earrings are a treat!

lynn'sgarden said...

PINK always make me feel extra feminine...I love your collection of goodies! Great shout out for the Breast Cancer Awareness ;) I've already got 2 fundraisers lined up in regards to ZUMBA! You inspire me with the exchange students, Sandy! I'd like to look into that in the near future ;)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your pink jewelry us lovely and being aware is important for all of us even those like me over 60 too. Happy Saturday to you!

The Real Me! said...

You're the second person I've visited with Pink Saturday. I had never heard of it but I like seeing all the pink! I visited another person who did a pink wedding theme and all I could think about is my daughter when she gets married. LOL
Oh and thanks again for your sweet comment.

Nezzy said...

Bravo girlfriend! Pink always makes me feel all girly. I love your pink jewelry especially the Mexican pinks.
What a lovely gift.

You and your ladies have a super weekend and please, please stay out of trouble...well...OK go have yourself a BLAST!!!

God bless ya'll!

Suburban Princess said...

The Hola gift is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your pink finds are wonderful!!!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my 200th post!! You are in the drawing for the Pink glittery hat and ornament! I do believe you would look wonderful in that hat!!!

I loved reading your sidebar items. You sound like a lot of fun!!

Have a great Pink Sat.!!! Dana