Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Walking through Kensington Market was wonderful -- the smells and sounds and different people everywhere. But suddenly, I was in Chinatown! And I mean totally immersed in Chinatown. There was no gradual transition. BOOM -- You were there!


Now, Nova Scotia (especially Halifax) has many different nationalities of people. But Chinatown was amazing! I found myself surrounded by Chinese people, speaking only Chinese; shops with signs ONLY in Chinese -- for blocks and blocks and blocks! WOW! It was like being in another country!


Sadly, it was pouring rain by this time. So, I only took this picture of the entrance to Chinatown; then I hid under my umbrella for the rest of the time, only occasionally looking up because it was really raining hard.


I think by this time we were on Queen Street. We were pretty damp. So, we visited a few nice little stores with new merchandise. I bought a couple of Christmas presents (Shhh! No peeking!) We visited LD2's Amour at work; and as the rain let up a little we walked yet some more.


We stopped at LD2's favorite Vintage Store. And just as we were walking in, guess who was walking out? Why there he is --- it's Evan Biddell, winner of last year's Project Runway Canada. (He was my choice of winner as well!) I didn't speak to him; I was either too tired, too wet or too awestruck -- or a combination of all!


It was time for another break by then. And perfect timing and location! LD2 took me for my birthday gift. And what a wonderful birthday gift it was!


We went to Nadege Patisserie! Toronto Life did a write-up about this shop and has this to say about it: "Nadege Nourian makes ... macaroons that melt in the mouth ... in flavors like cappuccino, blackberry-chocolate and wasabi-grapefruit."


Oh my goodness!

You cannot in any way compare them to what we in North America call macaroons. They are nothing like these creations. What can I say that can describe how exquisite it was? Let me try .....

This was the late but oh-so-great "Marie Antoinette" --

a pyramid of maple cream mousse with miniature macaroons on the side.

And this lovely is the "Adiction" ...

layers of dark chocolate and pomegranate cream mousse encased in a cylinder of white chocolate. Yes people -- that leopard print looking outside is edible chocolate!


It was bliss! We shared!

And this is what we took home with us:

Macaroons in cappuccino, pomegranate, pumpkin, peach, dark chocolate and pina colada!

We waddled down Queen Street, stopping only for bread and fresh vegetables. We waddled all the way home; where we collapsed for about half an hour before LD2 began making Thai hot and sour lemon grass soup for dinner. I assisted with chopping and making appreciative comments and sounds! What a divine scent in that little kitchen!
When LD2's Amour came home, we fed him and tried to ply him with beautiful French macaroons. But he doesn't care for sweets!! Ahh, too bad. That meant that there were so many more for me to eat!
I think I like this prospective son-in-law ..... A LOT!


ami said...

It is spelled 'macaron', because they are really a completely different sort of confection than the coconut cookies we have on this side of the Atlantic.
Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thank you Ami! Toronto Life spelled them that way. Now I know better than trust Toronto Life!

ethelmaepotter! said...

What a wonderful day! I just awoke ravenously hungry, but can't eat (due to medications) for another hour. Now I'm even hungrier! Even that salad looked fantastic! Did you try any of the soups? And the "Adiction" macaron or whatever...oh my goodness! It looks like a work of art, rather than the delish concoction I know it must be!

Marie said...

I have always loved Toronto. My sister in law used to live just off of Avenue Road for a time and in several other locations. It's a lovely city and there is so much to see and do, and experience! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!! I have never had a macaron, which is a shame especially seeing as I live so close to France!