Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are you a magazineaholic as well?

Pat at Gypsy Heart ( recently asked that question on her blog. And very quickly, I was able to say "Yes! I am a magazineaholic like you, Pat."

But then I began thinking about the magazines I have at home. And then I walked around and looked at the magazines I have at home. And then I realized -- I have A LOT of magazines! Have a look:
This stack has been sorted into types and categories and once lived happily on a bookshelf (waiting for some magazine organizers to be found at Value Village or Frenchies). But the bookshelf got moved; and here they sit in the corner of my bedroom.
This is my latest stack of magazines; and they sit under my bedside table, ready to be read and sorted (keep, toss, pages or articles torn out, etc).

This lovely magazine tote contains an assortment of magazines that were gathered from various locations around the house. They've been read through once -- I think!! But they need to be sorted as well.
And this is the "bathroom" selection (which I'm sure everyone has, right?).*
I don't spend a lot of money on magazines. Other than a subscription to Canadian Gardening, all the others are used -- bought for between 5 cents and $1 at thrift stores and yard sales. That's good, huh?
And I have wonderful plans for the magazines. And that's good, huh?
But I feel a little embarassed about ALL those stacks of magazines. Because I didn't have stacks 3 years ago when I moved here. And I haven't done much over the past 3 years to "sort" this motley bunch.
But that's gonna change, bloggies! It's going on the:
"2010 Doris the Great To-Do List"
You remember I had one of those lists last summer: the one with 20 or so listed To-Do items; the same one that had 15 or 16 items still "undone"at the end of the summer. You remember that one, don't you?
But I'm really hopeful for this task. You see, I've already got the prototypes for my action plan. Lookie here!
These are some of the magazine organization boxes I previously purchased from Value Village and Frenchies. Impressive, huh!*
And you remember those 2 Christmas binders I showed you in November. (And you all raved about them and thought I was all organized and neat and everything! Had you guys fooled!) Well, here are some of my other binders:*
I have a great Health binder full of wonderful tips for health and beauty. Ain't it pretty? And don't it look creative? (This is the not so pretty side of me snivelling and trying to convince you that I'm really not as pathetic as I sound right now!)*
I also have a "Laughter and Fun" binder; and I have an "Encouragement and Inspiration" binder; and I have 4 different recipe binders. Why, I guess you could say that I'm plum "chuck-full-o-binders and idears"!!
I do believe there's hope for me, bloggies! And if any of you out there share my problem, I believe there's hope for some of you as well! (But I believe that you have to 'fess up first and join me in detention hall! It's only fair ... and misery loves company!)
So, it's onward and upward for this little gal. Organization will be my middle name from now on! (Well, actually it won't actually be in the middle 'cause I already have one of those! Unless you include my married name along with my maiden name -- then Organization will be my middle name!)
I'm determined to succeed at this. I will set a good example for my fellow bloggers and my children.................
Because look what I found in a corner of my daughter Libby's room!


Eva Gallant said...

Atleast you have them in organized piles. However, I read them and then they hit the recycle bin. I have no patience for piles that I probably will never read again.

RobinfromCA said...

Oh, I'm with you! I have piles of magazines! They pile up for a few months and then I finally go through them and spend a day (or two) tearing out the pages/pictures/articles I want to keep and send the rest to the recycle bin. Now you've got me thinking it's time to do it again and get rid of the pile that's built up since September! Thanks!

Happy New Year!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh girl your too funny...I also love mags...but I do take alot of them to doctors offices and leave them at the hospital waiting room just to get rid of them...Many blessings to you this coming year my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Marie said...

You do make me giggle. I am a magazine hoarder also. Every once in a while I get mad at myself and I let Todd burn a bunch. I can't even look, or I'd be saving them and this house would sink into the ground. Mine are all food magazines of course. It's an illness I think. lol

Mattenylou said...

Oh my, you just hit the nail on the head for me. I have tons of knitting, crochet and crafts magazines. Yikes, some I've saved for 30 or 40 years! You just never know when I might need to have a pattern for a granny square vest from the sixties or another macaroni and cardboard ornament. I think you just reminded me of a good project for 2010... it'll take me a year to sort thru them. Thanks.

Darla said...

My stars that's a lot of mags!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like to collect the seasonal magazines. Usually there are some out that have Winter/Christmas, Spring/Easter, Summer, Fall/Thanksgiving. I keep them and like to browse them to get ideas for things to do around the house. I don't subscribe to any just pick one up from time to time.

Gail said...

I noticed you are also a rock hound. I am a devoted rock collector.

Wanda said...

You may be worse than me Sandy! Some are just too beautiful to throw out...

~Tonia said...

Ooo I love Magezines too!!! I have them everywhere. All kinds! I do go through them occasionally! We also collect rocks!lol

Judy@cutest-little-things said...

YES! And I've never quite recovered from the time my dear husband coerced me to toss out all of my old Victoria magazines!!! URGH! I'll never get over that colossal mistake!

I couldn't live without magazines! Love them!

Nezzy said...

I read them then pass them on to friends. You are a very organized magazineaholic though.

Have a fabulous day!

Fran Hill said...

I'm the same with magazines I use for school with articles I think 'will be useful one day'. I should learn my lesson .. just as it becomes 'useful' I find the curriculum has changed and it no longer applies in the same way. I used to collect cuttings - I would never read a magazine without a pair of scissors with me. But guess what. The cuttings never got looked at again either, or I forgot where I put them.

Nishant said...

I have no patience for piles that I probably will never read again.

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Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I am pretty close to a magazineaholic. I make myself go through them once a year. I can't throw away gardening ones though. It looks like you've found a great way to get them organized.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Yep, I am a magazine addict too, and I confess to having stacks and binder plans that haven't come true. Lovely post!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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suzanne cabrera said...

It's funny...there is something about a stack of magazines that is so lovely...but oh, how quickly those stacks get out of hand. Best wishes is your organization fest!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh yeah, I'm a magazineaholic too..and I've got that bathroom stack goin' on!
Question - what are the magazines in Libby's pile that, when stacked togther, make a photo of...somebody?

Corrie Howe said...

I've done that before. Wow! You have quite a task in front of you by the looks of your piles of magazines.