Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LOST - Final Season

I don't know how many of you out there are die-hard LOST fans like me, but I'm pretty pumped that the final season starts on February 2nd.

I began watching LOST from show #1, Season 1. It's the kind of show you have to watch on a weekly basis in order for it to make any kind of sense at all. And even then, it doesn't always make a lot of sense!! But I'm trusting that the writers will tie everything together nicely at the end of this season.

I think that it's been a phenomenal series with wonderful twists and turns in the plot and great characters - some likeable and others definately not likeable! One of the best evil villians in TV history comes from the character named Ben! What an absolutely abhorrent man with seemingly no morals or conscience! Not the kind of guy you'd like to meet perhaps, but he sure makes for real juicy viewing!

Still, you know -- for as much as I love the show, I'm not disappointed that this is the last season. I think it's time! A person can only be left hanging for soooo long .... and then it gets to the point of "Lucy! You got some 'splaning to do!!"

And it's time to explain quite a number of things: like the black smoke? Or the abominable snowman? Like who exactly is Jacob? And why did Claire leave her baby in the jungle? And how come Jack's father is alive and what's his role in this? etc. etc. etc. AND hopefully, it's time for a few of the characters to live happily after.


I do like a good "happily after ever" story!

I will definately not miss this last season! I will highlight this show in my TV guide to make sure I don't miss it! I will set up the ancient VCR to tape the show -- just in case (although, I don't plan on going anywhere on THAT night!). I will sit on the edge of my couch in rapt attention! And if the phone rings and someone else in this house is foolish enough to answer it, I will tell them to say that I'm busy!
And just in case there are others out there who can't get enough of the program, check out this site to find out how each of your favourite characters would make a sandwich.


Nezzy said...

You are probably the most die hard Lost fan I've ever met. I was really into it the first season then I got bored. Sorry, it takes a lot to hold my spastic attention. Enjoy the last season sucking in every last Lost moment. I do hope all your questions are answered!

Have a great evening!

Suburban Princess said...

I watched the first few seasons and got sick of not knowing what is going on. I kinda watched last season (it was on and I was in the room) but I will be watching this season for sure! I sure hope they splain what is going on once and for all!

Eva Gallant said...

I never watched the show. : (

Saranne said...

'fraid I'm not a Lost fan....now, Grey's Anatomy is another story! ox

Wanda said...

I watched it one season, somewhere in the middle, but...like Saranne, I am a Grey's Anatomy Fan, I tivo it.

Maery Rose said...

My brother was the captain on the submarine in the last two shows of last season. I'm hoping he'll be able to make another appearance before the show ends. I've always watched the show anyway but it was weird seeing and hearing him on my big screen TV.

The Garden of Egan said...

I never got into that show. My daughter did.
I can't live without NCIS.

Marie said...

I have never watched that series. Clearly I have missed something special!

Queen "B" said...

I am sorry.. I can't resist telling you that I live smackdab in between multiple filming location sites for LOST..yes on my Island of Oahu, they have regular areas of shooting and the cast is quite local. Now here is the kicker, I have never seen an episode!...eeek..Sorry;( But I know friends who are fans for life. sending you lots of Aloha from the island of LOST

Mattenylou said...

I'm a diehard Lost fan, too, a "totally confused about the whole thing" fan. They sure do have a lot to clear up, I hope some of the questions are answered.

I've been reading your blog for a month or so, and so enjoy it. I think we could be friends!

Take care!