Monday, January 4, 2010


On Dec 1.09, Nadine's Mom sent a Xmas package full of German goodies so that Nadine wouldn't miss out on a couple of her favorite treats.
It just arrived today!!!
Getting the package late is really nice in one way! It's nice to receive such a wonderful package after everything else has been spent. (But then, isn't this the time of year where everyone swears off sweets and gets back to healthy eating? Next week, perhaps???) As well, a German care package makes me feel like an explorer -- setting out to conquer and chart unknown (sweetie) territory!!!
Nadine said that she requested 3 particular treats. But to our great advantage, Nadine's mom can't count!!! Look at these goodies!
Oodles of caramels as well as lollipops, white chocolate, lovely almonds and mini candy hamburgers
Cookies, cookies, cookies plus Toblerone and miles and miles of marzipan*
Lovely tree cake, Mars candy, more marzipan, white chocolate with Tirimasiu,and these wonderful little chocolate covered 3 layer cake, jelly & marzipan cookies...... 2 package of them!!*
a giant liebkuchen and more white chocolate
That's a whole lot of eating to be accomplished!! Eek! "
Adriana! Stop swimming in Mexico (while we shovel here in Nova Scotia), and come back soon! We need your help!"
After dinner, we cut the tree cake.*
Isn't it beautiful! It's called a tree cake because the 10-12 layers of yumminess look like the rings on a tree. (Thankfully though, it tastes nothing like tree. ... & I speak from experience!)*
Also in the package were 2 marzipan animals. I was given the traditional New Year's "Good Luck Pig"! Isn't he so adorable!!*
However, I'm thinking that it might defeat the whole "good luck" thing if I were to eat him AS WELL AS the tree cake, liebkuchen and those little choco jelly cookies (that call my name incessantly!!).
Because, correct me if I'm wrong here, but other than living in certain African tribes or possibly Papua New Guinea cultures, when is it ever lucky for a woman to pack on another 10 pounds in a under week?


ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, the pig is too adorable to eat! And what in the world is toblerone? The cake looks incredible; what are the layers made from?

Lisa E said...

I love toblerone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mmmmmmmmmmmm. What a nice package, although I am drooling!!

il mondo di iris said...

Ciao Sandy,
happy 2010.

Saranne said...

Love the little pig! And I'm thinking that healthy eating may have to be put on the back burner for just a little longer...Happy New Year to you and yours!

Eva Gallant said...

This post is torture! I'm drooling on my keyboard!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

God bless that woman's heart = )


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a lovely package from home. I'm sure that mama is missing her girl and was her way of sending a piece of home her way. Everything looks so good. That is a treat! No use even thinking about not having any. Maybe the best thing to do would be to have some friends share it all. As a student she must have some classmates that would like to try a German treat.

Vonlipi said...

Love those sweets! I don't much like the little marzipan animals because I got saturated as a kid. I got some all the time!

What a lovely care package :)

Nezzy said...

What an excellent German adventure to go on. Porky is just too darn cute! If I come help ya'll eat our way through the goodies ya can come back to the Ponderosa with me and we'll burn it off chasin' wild~eyed cattle! Woohoo! Let me tell ya, we'd burn it off just tryin' to keep warm. Ten below this morn in the Ozarks! Burrrrr~shiver me timbers!

Have yourself a great day!

Barbee' said...

Wooo, what a treasure trove! Beautiful!!

Queen "B" said...

Aloha, loved your blog, looking forward to seeing more
New Year wishes from Across the sea

Nishant said...

The cake looks incredible; what are the layers made from?

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