Sunday, January 3, 2010


What a day it was yesterday! It began snowing lightly Friday night. So, we snugged under the blankies and watched The Fellowship of the Ring. I just l-o-v-e the Lord of the Rings trilogy!! (And I haven't watched for 2 years, so it was a real treat.)
Then it continued snowing practically all day yesterday with just intermittant breaks. It was very pretty to look at! See -- *
So, I took advantage of being at home and un-decorated the house. At about 4 pm, I dragged the tree outside and sunk up to my thighs in snow on the side of the house. (I get lots of drifting snow on my side of the duplex!) I shovelled a path down to the street, and the snow was almost 2 feet deep! Back inside I went to continue un-decorating and cleaning and watching The Two Towers, DVD 2 of the LOR. Have I mentioned how much I love that trilogy? (And have I mentioned how much Xmas stuff I had to put away and how long it took me? Man! Maybe I'll make one more resolution this year!!)

There was no chance of me getting to church this morning because the shovelling was too much for just one person (at least, one aging, woman with delicate tendencies! Ahem, ahem .... swoon, sigh!!). So, I continued with my un-decorating and cleaning; and when Nadine got up, we set off outside to deal with the shovelling.
WHAT SNOW!! Although it's not that noticable in the pictures, the path had accumulated a little more snow, and all around were 2 foot+ snow drifts and a rock-hard wall where the snow plow had come by. You can easily fill in your own caption here as to what Nadine is thinking about the amount of shovelling to be done and how and where to start. *
We began shovelling at 11 am. We had to take many short breaks (and periodically collapse in a snow bank and pray "GOD! Please send someone to dig us out!") We finished shovelling at 12:30 noon.
Before dragging our aching bodies inside for showers and food, we did stop once to play and pay homage to the softness and beauty of the snow. *
Just as I got "nekked" (delete disturbing imagery please), the guy who plows for us at work came by to plow me out! ("God; Not meaning to be ungrateful, but could you not have sent him 15 minutes earlier?") I watched at he widened the opening at the end of the driveway ----- and ran the 2 ton backhoe over my newly built flower bed resting under that 2 feet of snow (and most probably squished the 3 solar lights surrounding it)!! Oh dear! C'est la vie!
Just as I ran "nekked" (pardon once more please) from the bath to my bedroom, the doorbell rang and Nadine answered. It was Pastor Steve and Jocelyn! They came to shovel me out. So, Steve widened my pathway and I quickly put tea on. (And yeah; I put some clothes on first! We are a liberal church but there are limits, ya know!)

See how quickly and wonderfully God answered prayers! And see how important it is to possibly wait on Him for answers to prayers and not rush into things! Duh Sandy!!


I just finished ALL the un-decorating and cleaning; and Nadine just finished her English project. And we're pooped!


So, here's what we're going to have now:

It's gonna be dark, rich and sinful -- like my next husband!!
Oh gosh golly-gee!
Did I say that last part out loud?
And then we're going to watch this:*
This is my favoite one! Did I tell you that I love this trilogy?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd have probably done the same, in fact I often do...sometimes the next door neighbor helps out sometimes not. We have been blessed with only a few inches at a time so haven't had that dilemma yet this year. But it usually does come. You poor thing. Glad you did get some help though, shows their hearts are in the right places anyway.

ethelmaepotter! said...

You SOOO need to move down south, where you never, ever have to shovel snow, pastors ring your bell every day, and all the men are dark and sinful. Oh, did I leave out rich? Well, you can't have everything, you know!

PS - yes, I think you MAAAAY have mentioned you love Lord of the Rings!

Eva Gallant said...

What is that sinful lookig drink?? Is it regular hot chocolate or something more exotic?

Suburban Princess said...

Wow! Hopefully you wont be sore tomorrow! You are so fortunate to have so many people coming to your rescue!

Dimple said...

I, too, love The Lord of the Rings. In my college and young adult life I read through the trilogy and the Hobbit about twice a year. Not so much now, but I haven't given them up, either! The movies were great, and I loved watching them, but I'm not as much a movie fan as some. We have the DVDs, but I don't get them out.
So glad you got your shoveling, back-hoe work,and widening done! Snow is pretty, until you have to go somewhere in it!

The Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful snow! LOVE IT! I too love the Trilogy of LOR....there's something totally yummy about Vigo Mortensen.
You need to get the 3 Bourne movies. Totally a great way to spend the day.
Glad you got the driveway widened and got un-nekked.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh the advantages of living in Central Texas at this time of the year. lol
But it has been raining here a lot more than we need but thank goodness I am not doing all this hard work. It is beautiful though
Just came by to wish you a Happy New Year

Wanda said...

You know how to work, but you really know how to relax Sandy!

lagirl said...

I don't know where you live but it sure looks cold!
I'm visiting Blogs today and making new Friends. I think you and I probably shared the same "decade of youth", and now we're just a bit youthfully older. Nice to meet you.

Darla said...

That's a lot of snow girl! So pretty and I love the snow angels. You better be careful shoveling all of that...sometimes we do rush the Lord don't we? God's timing, ahem! Do stay warm. Yes, you did type that last phrase rather loud, lol.

aliceinparis said...

That snow was something else!! The rain made the snow so heavy to shovel. Great exercise but...I would rather be doing other things:)
I love LOTR too. I read the books 3 times before the movies ever came out:)
Have a happy New Year!

Nezzy said...

Zero here, six inches of snow and yes we slid to church yesterday and skidded back to the Ponderosa. Too bad help came a little late, poor girl.

Now I could just dive into that rich, warm chocolate drink on your counter???? MMMMMmmm.

Take care, keep cozy and may God bless you with time minded help! :o)

Fran Hill said...

I think we had two flakes of snow last night where I live in the UK. I could put the pictures on my blog, but you'd need a microscope to see the snowfall. Boring!

wendy said...

OK, dark, rich and sinful ---that is stinking funny!!! But hey, sounds good to me.
and that was thoughtful of you to put some cloths on before serving your pastor tea. (tee,hee)

The snow sure is beautiful, but boy oh boy, what a pain to shovel and dig out from eh.
been there done that.

here's to more hot chocolate ---dark and sinful (love it)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

All the best to you this coming year my girl that's alot of snow...we just had that last month and so far only rain right now...But being in the mountains you never know what will happen here...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Nishant said...

Is it regular hot chocolate or something more exotic?

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