Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A young friend told me today that she's going overseas in April of this year for the first time. How exciting!! She and her friend will be staying with a mutual friend in Dijon, France (somewhere on the map below between Lyon and Strasbourg).

They'll be overseas for 2 weeks; so, they'd like to plan some short visits to other places while they're there. She mentioned going to Genova or Florence, Italy, as well as Switzerland ---- sort-of in a circular pattern starting and ending with Dijon. They are completely open to suggestions.
So, I thought that there might be a few of you out there with a wealth of knowledge that you could pass on ......... if you would be so kind!!
Just keep these things in mind when making your suggestions:


  • They're young and energetic and don't mind hopping between cities and/or countries or travelling at night and sight-seeing during the day, etc. They could probably even sleep upside down on a clothes line if necessary. (Damn young people!!)


  • They don't mind staying in hostels or cheap hotels as long as they're clean and bug free.



  • They are English speaking and have some French and a tiny-teeny smattering of Spanish; so they'd like places where they'll be easily understood.


  • They're young and want to go as EL-CHEAPO as possible!!


  • They'll travel by bus, train or plane throughout the different countries -- if they're cheap enough and the time between is economical.


Any other travel tips or hints would be, I'm sure, more than welcome. And please feel free to email me if you wish because the comment box may not be large enough to put all the information from some of you well- informed world travellers out there!



EUROPE ......... ahhhhhhh!

YOUTH ............. ahhhhhhh!


I'm trying hard not to be jealous. And it's really, really, really hard!! But I can rise above it. After all -- I'm a mature, God-fearing, showing-the-love-of-Christ, helpful kinda gal. The kind of gal who thinks before she reacts! The kind of gal who chooses not to go with her first impulses. Impulses such as:

  • ripping their (long, shiny, manageable) hair out by the roots. OR
  • clawing out their beautiful eyes (with those long eyelashes and lids that don't hang down and obscure their vision). OR
  • slapping their wrinkle-free faces. OR
  • crying while prostrate at their feet (found at the end of their firm, celulite-free legs)


Besides, I have another plan .......................................



But I promise to wear clothes.

And I think they'll need a larger suitcase!


Fran Hill said...

You made me laugh with your list at the end of the post! And the photo! I was just about to offer my services, too, free of charge (excepting accommodation, meals, entertainment, new clothes for the trip etc).

Nezzy said...

Oh man, suitcase gal looks like she's in pain! Sorry, I have no clue! It sounds like a fun trip though!

Have a great day you silly girl!

Eva Gallant said...

I know nothing about travel in Europe. Move over, I want to climb in thet suitcase, too!

Saranne said...

Make room for me in that suitcase! Oh, to be young again! They can look into a Eurail pass for transportation between countries.....but they shouldn't overlook Paris (my favorite city on Earth!)....Florence is wonderful for art-lovers (which I am) - it took my breath away....and then there's Venice....OK, now I'm hyperventilating! Seriously, it does depend on what they are interested in is a good source of information regarding places to stay and other pertinent travel information for women travelers...hope this is helpful! OX

The Garden of Egan said...

Well, you are LIMBER!!!!!
Hope you get to go!

Gail said...

I have no idea but wish they have a wonderful trip.

Cherie said...

My husband and I just went to Europe last June for a month to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. We explored all of France, Switzerland, Italy, and part of Austria and the Western part of Germany.
You can look on my blog under the tag "Anniversary".
By train they should definately not miss Paris - Eiffel Tower, Louver, Notre Dame, The food, walking the city - it is magical. Outside of Paris but still by train they can get to the Palace (Chateau) of Versailles - Definately and amazing place!!
Switzerland is kind of boring - did I say that?
If they go South by train they could go through the Swiss Alps and down to the Italian Riviera - BEAUTFUL and swimming in the Mediterranean sea is amazing.
If they could rent a car for a day or two they should go East of Strasburg and into Germany and travel the "Romantic Road" - Tell them go google that - and it takes you through Bavaria and the Alps there and there is a castle on every hill and the scenery will take your breath away.
Europe is SO fun and it is so much smaller than the US that nothing takes very long to get to. I know I wrote a book here, hope it helps!!

Cherie said...

Sorry for my spelling errors - My computer is on the blink and I am on this lame laptop that doesn't work right :(

Queen "B" said...

Aloha, If I may of my favorite things I did in the South of France in Grasse, it is about 3 -5 miles from Cannes, Grasse is the Perfume Capital of the World! I had my own Perfume made. It was very reasonable around 2oo Euros, not sure what the prices are now, They will make your fragrance in shower Gel, Lotion, It is a blast! and you name it as well. Then they keep your Perfume on file so you can re-order online and they ship it to you!! the Perfumery is GAllimard and it is in Grasse, France and =they also give a free tour...Oeuvre
Aloha wishes

Marie said...

We spent a week East of Strasbourg in Germany several years back and it was stunningly beautiful and not that far from a real jewel, Baden Baden. Just a gorgeous city. Strasbourg itself is stunning and a not to miss sight as well!

Darla said...

I'm no help with offering suggestions to these girls..just be safe and be smart! You are one funny lady.

A human kind of human said...

What can I say... You are a treat! The end of the post is hilarious and I suggest they take you with for the best fun ever.

ethelmaepotter! said...

No help, but this did make me laugh. Do you know the episode of I Love Lucy, in which Lucy planned to smuggle herself to Europe in a trunk? A trunk is a much better choice than that tiny suitcase!