Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Rednesday!

I'm taking part in REDnesday today, and thought I'd share with you a few of the red things that I see around me tonight.
The first thing I see (and have been seeing a lot of lately) is this:
my trusty bottle of Benadryl -- friend to those who itch! I could also show you some of the viral rash flaring up on my neck this evening; that's a pretty shade of red! Or I could show you the areas where I've spread the cream the doctor gave me; it's an even prettier shade of red because my outer derm has flaked and peeled to reveal the fresh, tender, raw skin underneath! (Can you say "Yeowch"?)
On second thought -- NO! Perhaps you'd like to see some other red items?
I spy with my little eye ......................
Here's a red Canada pen and a pair of my reading glasses; I bought these at a Dollar Store in Newfoundland a few years ago.
The next red thing I want to share is a love story. (And quite appropriate, I think, as love = hearts; and hearts are often red in color.)
On Monday after I'd eaten my lunch at work, I was pondering what I'd do for the rest of the hour when I had the distinct feeling that I should go to Frenchies. At first I tried to resist saying "You don't need anything, Sandy!" But I kept feeling that I should go -- that there was something waiting for me there. (I believe it was a cashier with her hand outstretched!)
My only other alternative was to sit alone at work for the remaining 30 minutes and try to fight the irrestible urge to scratch (and then cry). So, I got in the car .... and it drove itself to Frenchies.
Once there, I did a quick turn about my favorite bins. You know, I almost made it out of there with nothing more than a sweet little, brand new cardigan I'd found --- a mere $3.85 + tax. But then, as I was walking up to the cash, I did the usual "head-turning-from-side-to-side-scan" that every good thrifter does before they leave a joint. I mean, employees may have restocked the bins since you first came in! (And I think it's part of the "Thrifter's Union" rules.)
Suddenly, in the purse bin, out of the midst of the oversized totes and vinyl clutche bags, I saw this beautiful jolt of color! This red beacon of joy, calling me closer, and closer!!
My pupils dilated, and my heart began to beat faster. But I didn't hurry; I walked s.l.o.w.l.y to the bin, willing the lady who was already there NOT to reach out and take take the object of my desire. And then suddenly, I was at the bin, and it was in my arms! And the more I looked at it, the more in love I fell with it. It was fate! We were meant to be!
Here she is -- my newest acquisition!

Have a look inside at the sumptuous, golden lining .....

And now, have a close look at the label .....

It's brand new, has a leather hand strap and wide, comfortable shoulder strap, waterproof exterior and a good, sturdy zipper. There's an attached pouch (for coins perhaps) and a key tag; it opens wide like a briefcase and there are lots of compartments inside. I'd never heard of the Baggallini brand before, so I Googled it. And it turns out that it's part of a line of travel bags and purses. And this particular one retails for $80 to $100. My price??


... $4.00 ...


You've got to love Frenchies!



Now that I've shared my little love story with you, I'll take my little itchy body to bed. I am healing, bloggies! Hurrah!! This has been the first day that I began to actually feel like I'm healing. A couple of Benedryl, a little Lanacane and a good nights sleep, and tomorrow I'll be even better. And there are very few of us at 55 who can say that we'll be better tomorrow than we were yesterday. Right?


Marie said...

Love your little red bag! How adorable. You are such a great bargain hunter!

Vonlipi said...

That is an AMAZING find! You certainly have THE eye for thrifting!

I'm glad to read that you're healing and the red bag has certainly helped (along with the Benadryl!)

Keep following you instincts! :)

Susan said...

I believe that cashier knows you too well! :D

You sound just like me when I go to Goodwill! You have to do the Thrifter's Scan, because they're constantly re-stocking!

That is one terrific find and you wouldn't have fooled me with your s-l-o-w moves! I would have been all over that bag like white on rice!

Glad the itchies are getting less itchy!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the red bag! Red is one of my favorite colors and I love handbags. I have way too many of them. I'll be digging my red one out to carry the month of February. I even have more than one so I may change mid stream. Take care and get better soon!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

oh girl, what a buy on the purse! You truly have the thrifter's eye! Happy Rednesday

Eva Gallant said...

Wow! What a great find!!! congrats! It's a beauty, too!

Gail said...

Glad you listened to your voice! Great find.

Pleased to know you are feeling better.

Anita said...

I love the glasses...tres chic! And who could resist that purse?? I've been needing a new one myself and I think you've just inspired me to go shopping! Have a good one!

Kathy C. said...

Oh, what a fun thing. I always see these "color" posts, and I always say I'm going to do one, lol...OK, next week I REALLY am, :)

SueLovesCherries said...

Ah, Sandy, a girl after my own heart! I can rarely buy a purse that's not red! It's beautiful!

Now, let's see . . . it takes about 5 hours or so to get to NS. . . that's do-able! We'll go to Frenchies and have an Irish Coffee! LOL! (Your profile photo always temps me with that mug in your hand!)

Nezzy said...

Ya'll need to be handcuffed and arrested 'cause ya really stole that beautiful red bag. Wow, how do you do it? That Benadryl puts this chick right under the table. Hopefully the skin thing will straighten up, probiotics really cleared mine up.

Now ya got me seein' red....LOL. Have a blessed day!!!

~~Carol~~ said...

No pictures of rashes, ok honey?! I had poison ivy over the summer. I feel your pain. Or your itch, as the case may be!
It was fate. You were obviously supposed to have that purse. What a great find, at a great price! Hopefully the itchies are getting better as we speak!
Happy REDnesday!

Barb said...

You definitely got a bargain! I have a knapsack Baggallini in exactly that beautiful shade of red. I love it! Hope your rash is soon better.

wendy said...

whoohoooo what a great find. Love the inside of the purse as well.
and YES --at 55 and 'plus', it is a good thing to say you'll feel better tomorrow ------lets hope for many many many tomorrows
and more great purse finds

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Were you always a savvy shopper and looked for bargains or did that start somewhere from an experience of some sort?? I was just curious.

The bag is a great purchase and it looks brand new. I like how you described walking up to the bin all nonchalant so another woman wouldn't snatch your find = P


A human kind of human said...

"'n Oulap se rooi maak mooi" (read a penny's worth of red makes pretty, directly translated).