Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thrifting ... & Airporting ... & Lack-of-Sleeping!

We set ourselves a tight schedule yesterday for our city/airport trip. There was a quick (1 hr) run through Value Village which was successful. And I'm extremely proud to tell you that I spent a total of $10.63! This was an all-time low for me at VV! But what a find I made!


I found this wonderful footed Depression Glass bowl. I'm not sure of the pattern name yet. It cost me $5.99!


Then to add to my growing collection of pretty china tea mugs, this little fellow for 99 cents.


And finally, this framed scripture and pressed flower bookmark.


I picked up my book at Chapter's; and Nadine stayed at Chapter's while I did a 1/2 hour run through Home Sense. They had just a few bits and bobs of 70% off Christmas merchandise, and I took advantage of the great prices and bought these 2 items.


I've been in love with the Eiffel Tower ever since my Mom & Dad won a trip to Paris when I was 14 and brought back some trinkets. Thru the years and my many moves, my little replica got broken. So, when I found this lovely candlestick discounted to $7.49, I snapped it up!*

It looks really nice next to the print I purchased last fall from fellow blogger Shelagh Duffett's Etsy Store*

And as soon as I have my next long soak in the bath and this pretty yard sale item is emptied, I'll be placing that in what I'm calling my "French Quarter"!*

Some people call me a bit of a diva. (Some people call me much worse!!) But I like to think of myself as "Royalty". So, when I found this crown, I bought it -- discounted to $3.89! It's got a display of Xmas pine cones, etc in it right now; but it opens underneath so you can change the contents. *

And next to this, I've placed the little pillow that Eva gave me for my birthday.*

And this is displayed under my favorite print of Elizabeth the 1st (while she was still a princess and unrecognized by her true lineage --- somewhat like me!)*

This is all displayed in my bedroom as it did not feel quite proper to display it in the "throne room".
(My royal scepter IS found, however, in the throne room! Still, despite present circumstances, Royalty must always show try to show the utmost in taste, dignity and discretion!
I'm sure you'll agree that that's me through and through! )

Alas, the whole day didn't turn out exactly as we'd hoped and planned. Living in the country for so long, I'd forgotten what a Saturday night in the city was like. (Aren't they all supposed to be out clubbing and "gettin down" anyway?) In spite of the fact that Bayer's Lake has 17 movie theatres, Avatar in 3D was sold out. So, we headed across the bridge to Dartmouth. However, despite Dartmouth Crossing's 13 theatres, they too were sold out. We were left with 2 choices -- The Chipmunks or The Princess and the Frog.


So, we opted instead for a delicious supper at Swiss Chalet where we drowned our disappointment in saucy ribs and chocolate cake (not on the same plate though!). To kill further time, we headed to the only place open in the area at that time of night, Zeller's, where we spent 45 minutes in the greeting card section, laughing our heads off. Now, don't say I don't know how to show a person a good time!!

Next, we spent 2 hr reclining at the airport reading our respective books and drinking awful Tim Horton's coffee. We were elated when Adriana arrived safely; and we were home and in bed by 2:30 am!

But it was much later before I fell asleep! Ah, the perils of caffine!!
And oh! The joys of restful Sundays!
Now ..... did I mention a soak in the bathtub?


Eva Gallant said...

I love that pillow!

Suburban Princess said...

I so love that crown! I am going to HomeSense tomorrow so I hope they have them! I didnt see them when I was there before Xmas so maybe they didnt have them here.

wendy said...

I always enjoy seeing your "finds" at the thrift shops.
I loved that saying of the queen "before she new her royalty" ---much like you --------that was SO cute.
Ah, we are all a queen of diva in our own right eh.

ethelmaepotter! said...

The depression glass bowl is awesome! And what is the crown sitting on? Is is a painted table? Whatever it is, I love it!

Marie said...

Oh Sandy, I love all your thrifting goodies. You are such a great shopper! I especially love the glass bowl. What a lucky find! You do make me laugh as well. You always make me smile. :-) xxoo

DUTA said...

Lovely pillow! I'm now in the middle of replacing/renewing pillows and I like the feel of it.

The Real Me! said...

Oh I love the things you found and I love the Paris decor. Your scepter is fabulous and I too have one. LOL.
Oh and ribs and cake, way better than a movie any day! LOL.

Corrie Howe said...

I love your Depression glass find. I have a few pieces from my aunt's collection. My uncle gave me a couple pieces to remember her by.

Also, my husband and I went to Paris on our honeymoon, so we have quite a few Eiffel Towers around our house too.

Fran Hill said...

Love the Eiffel tower candlestick. I wonder if in time they'll be selling candlesticks in the shape of the new Dubai superskyscraper! That would be one to own!

Nezzy said...

You rock girlfriend. Would you like to be my personal shopper oh Queen of Thrift. That pillow is so you! I am blown away with your bargins.

Have a great day and God bless!!!

Together We Save said...

I love that bowl... I just love dishes.

Judy@cutest-little-things said...

Love the Eiffel Tower things!